Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Nathan Proch
Number N5427

During the initial release of the AcceleRacers die cast cars, RD-06 was mistakenly packaged and stamped (in some cases) as RD-10. See RD-06 for more information about that vehicle.

Identified as a concept car in the Virtual Car Gallery (AcceleRacers: Ignition), you may not see it in the movies.

In other words, the RD-10 is powered by a 900 horsepower, C-F35 hydrogen fueled dual turbine engine with independent fully adjustable computer controlled suspension. The full tube frame chassis are aluminum and the body panels are carbon fiber. Lastly, the RD-10 has 22" front wheels and 24" back wheels.


RD-10 has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2005 First Edition -

AcceleRacers Racing Drones #8

Black with green and gray tampos Green / Gray Drone tampos Black / Metal Green Tint Chrome CM6 G8116 Malaysia RD-10 Acceleracers Racing Drones
N5427 2008 Race Aces Target Exclusive Gold Chrome Black Stripe design, Red "1" in White circle Unpainted / Metal Dark Tinted Black PR5 N5427 Malaysia Base code(s): Rd10.n5427.a-l
N5427 2008 Race Aces Target Exclusive Blue Chrome Red Stripe design, Black "1" in White circle Unpainted / Metal Blue Tinted Gray PR5 N5427 Malaysia Base code(s): Rd10.n5427.a-l.jpg
065 2009 Track Stars
Blue Red / White Stars and stripes White / Metal Clear Chrome OH5 P2385 Malaysia Base code(s): S6002819
2012 Multipack Exclusive Red "5" on left and right, light blue and white checkered tampo on left and right of rear end, "RD-10" Black / Metal Blue Tinted Chrome Gold OH5 Malaysia Base code(s): HNI 0028
5pk 2013 Vertical Velocity 5 Blue Yellow & Orange, #4 Gray / Metal Clear White Yellow rim OH5 X9845 Thailand Base code(s): F09 RD-10 2013 24
5pk 2014 Double Jump Duel Yellow. Black & gray pattern, HW logo White / Metal Red White Orange rimmed OH5 BFB25 Thailand Base code(s): G10 RD-10 2014 24
5pk 2015 Spiral Stack-Up Black. 'HWST10' on sides. Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Red) Red Black Rim Grey OH5 CDT21 Thailand Base code(s): H07 RD-10 2015 24
5pk 2018 City White Red And Black Lightning Bolts "Mail Services" And "Lightning Fast" On Sides Blue / Metal Tinted (Red) Red Red PR5 FKT52 Indonesia Base code(s): L18 RD 10 2018 City 5 pack
5pk 2020 Track Builder Unlimited Pastel Red White HW logo, "RD-10" Text, Blue / White / Orange Stripe designs on side. White / Metal Tinted  Black

Orange Tire,

Chrome Red OH5

GKC53 Indonesia

Base Code(s): 


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