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RL or Redline is a line of Hot Wheels Wheel Types.

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
RLDD 1.png RLDD Redline/Red Stripe Deep Dish 1968
The "wheel" is inset a few millimeters from the "tire". Used on a few Hong Kong cars in 1968, came in small and medium sizes; attached with a white or pink bushing RLDD 2.png
Redline.png RL or RLB

Redline/Red Stripe (Type 1) (Bushing)

1968 - 1970
The "wheel" is flush with the "tire". Used on all cars from 1968 and 1969 as well as a few cars in 1970 Spoilers; attached with a white or pink bushing RLB 4.png
Redline.png RL or RLC Redline/Red Stripe (Capped) 1970 - 1974
Used on most 1970 cars and all cars from 1971 - 1972 and on a few cars between 1973 and 1974; 2 piece "cap" style wheel RLC 3.png
RLD 1.png RL Redline/Red Stripe (Dually) 1970-1972
Used on some of the Heavyweights RLD 3.jpg RLD 2.jpg
Redline2 - 6164bf.jpg RL2 Redline/Red Stripe (Type 2) 1973 - 1977 Used on most cars from 1973 - 1976, used on some in 1977
Image not available.jpg RL3 Redline (Type 3) 1993 - 1994 Very similar to RL Type 2. Stripe is tampo'd on instead of embossed. Used on Vintage Series
Wheels.RL7SP.100x100.jpg RL7SP Redline 7 Spoke Wheels 1995 - present
RLnew 1.png RL4 
Red Line (Type 4), Neo-Classic Redlines 2002 - present Used on Limited-Edition cars from