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[[RL]] or '''Redline''' is a line of [[Hot Wheels]] [[Wheel Types]].
[[RL]] or '''Redline''' is a line of [[Hot Wheels]] [[Wheel Types]].
Hot Wheels Redlines were made from 1968-1977 and featured red circles collectors term "redlines" on each wheel. Redlines made from 1968-1972 are often reffered by collectors as spectraflame due to the metallic paint. Redlines produced from 1973 are enamels and there were shell promos for many of these cars. Most cars made in 1973 were reproductions of the spectraflame 1968-1972 models with different names and some had slight variations such as the Jack Rabbit Special called the Sandwhich or the sligh variation Mantis into the double vision with no exposed engine. Redlines from 1974-1977 are often called the flying colors era however there were also super chromes which were redlines in chromes. Flying colors were in enamel and had tampos.
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RL or Redline is a line of Hot Wheels Wheel Types.

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
Redline RL Redline/Red Stripe (Type 1) 1968-1977 Used on all cars from 1968-1972 and on a few cars between 1973 and 1977
Redline2 - 6164bf RL2 Redline/Red Stripe (Type 2) 1973-1977 Used on most cars from 1973-1976, used on some in 1977
RL3 Redline (Type 3) 1993-1994 Very similar to RL Type 2. Stripe is tampoed on instead of embossed
Redline RL4 Red Line (Type 4) 2002-present Used on Limited-Edition cars from
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