Racer Rig
Debut Series 1971 Heavyweights
Produced 1971
Designer Larry Wood & Ira Gilford
Number 6194
81008 023-1-.jpg


The Racer Rig is a Hot Wheels casting which debuted in the 1971 Heavyweights. 'The Heavyweights' was a series of futuristic trucks designed by Ira Gilford.

The Racer Rig was only produced in two colors; Enamel White and Spectraflame Red. It could be found with either a white or dark brown interior and was packaged with a plastic 'Collectors Button'. It has a opening tool-box and a slide-out ramp onto the trailer.

The front cab is known to have issues with a metal fatigue called 'Crumbling' where the body or chassis develops cracks and literally crumbles into pieces.

The Racer Rig has not been seen since 1971.


The Racer Rig has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions.

Year Series Color / Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1971 1971 Heavyweights Enamel White Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Blue) White or Dark Brown RL 6018 Hong Kong Image Not Available.jpg
1971 1971 Heavyweights Spectraflame Red Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Blue) White or Dark Brown RL 6018 Hong Kong 81008 023-1-.jpg


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