Rad Trucks Series

The Rad Trucks Series consists of 8 different trucks.

The Rad Trucks Series features 8 different models that were launched in June 2016. You can find them exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Col # Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
1/8 DJK96 2009 Ford F-150 Black Yellow & Black PR5 Base code(s): H43 F150RadTrucks 2008 Ford F-150 TruckSeries 2016
2/8 DJK95 Custom '69 Chevy Pickup Dark Yellow Chrome Gold & Black PR5 Base code(s): H43 ChevyPickupRadTrucks Custom Chevy TruckSeries 2016
3/8 DJK94 '79 Ford Pickup Metalflake Brown 5SP Base code(s): H43 79FordF150DJK94 79 Ford Pickup TruckSeries 2016
4/8 DJK97 Datsun 620 White Grey 5SP Base code(s): 03z Datsun 620 TruckSeries 2016
5/8 DJK98 Nissan Titan Metalflake Purple TRAP5 Base code(s): H43 TitanRadTrucks Nissan Titan TruckSeries 2016
6/8 DJK99 Custom Ford Bronco Liem Green Chrome Gold BLOR Base code(s): BroncoRadTrucks Ford Bronco TruckSeries 2016
7/8 DJL00 Chevy Silverado Metalflake Blue Chrome & Black PR5 Base code(s): 197RC Chevy Silverado TruckSeries 2016
8/8 DJL01 '10 Toyota Tundra Red Chrome & Black OR6SP Base code(s): TundraRadTrucks 10 Toyota Tundra TruckSeries 2016
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