Rapid Transit (2004)
Debut Series 2004 First Editions
Produced 2004 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number B3543
Rapid Transit


Not to be confused with Rapid Transit (bus).

The Rapid Transit has been released in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
037 2004 2004 First Editions
Lime Green Black side stripes & gas cap, Hot Wheels logo near bottom of door Black / Plastic Clear Purple White Chrome PR5 B3543 Malaysia Rapid Transit - 04FE
2005 Heat Fleet II 5-Pack Blue Flames Black / Plastic Clear Orange Orange PR5 G6914 China Playable in the DS version of Hot Wheels: Beat That! G6914 5 pk heat fleet 2 rapid transit
2005 Adidas Promotion Black Orange flames Black . Plastic Orange Orange PR5 J4189 Malaysia Free car with purchase of Kids Adidas Hot Wheels shoes. Image Not Available
084 2006 Bone Blazers
Metalflake Red Yellow & Orange flames w/Skull & Bones on sides & top Black / Plastic Tinted Black PR5 J3410 Malaysia Playable vehicle in Hot Wheels: Beat That! 2006-Rapid Transit
176/180 2007 Mystery Cars
Orange 00 and White Stripes Chrome / Plastic Dark Tinted Black White PR5 K7624 Malaysia Rapid.transit.k7624.a-l
176/180 2007 Mystery Cars
Red White Stripes, '00' Chrome / Plastic Dark Tinted Black White PR5 K7624 Malaysia Rapid.transit.k7624.b-l
2008 10-Pack Exclusive Blue White & Yellow tampos on sides Chrome / Plastic Clear Yellow Black PR5 54886 Malaysia Rapid.transit.unknown
2009 Flip & Crash Duel Stunt Set Metallic Dark Red Orange, White & Yellow graffiti Black / Plastic Clear Yellow Tan PR5 N4727 Malaysia Also in Multipacks Rapidtransit Maroon
2010 V-Drop Track Set Metallic Dark Red White, Black & Grey flames Grey / Plastic Clear Chrome 5SP 54886 Malaysia Also in Multipacks RapidTransit VDrop
2011 10-Pack Exclusive Black Red, Silver & Grey stripes, 'Rapid Transit' on sides Grey / Plastic Clear Grey MC5 54886
Malaysia RapidTransit 10Pack
2011 Mystery Models: Circuit Champions
Black Red, Silver & Grey stripes, 'Rapid Transit' on sides Grey / Plastic Clear Grey MC5 54886
Malaysia Released in USA & Europe RapidTransit 10Pack
2013 HW City Works 5-Pack Black Red, Silver & White stripes, 'Police', 'X9931', 'HWPD' on sides Grey / Plastic Blue Red OH5 X9858 Thailand X9931 is not the toynumber of this car Rapid
2014 Super SWAT Copter Playset Black Red, Silver & White stripes, 'Police', 'X9931', 'HWPD' on sides Black / Plastic Clear Red OH5 CDK80 Malaysia RapidTransitCDK80
2016 Star Wars
Sky Blue Black, Blue, White & Teal designs & 'kamino' on sides. Black stripes, Teal alien lettering & White 'Star Wars' on hood Silver / Plastic Tinted Grey Blue Chrome TRAP5 DJL08 Malaysia Base code(s): J25 RapidTransitCFL08
2017 Mystery Models (Series 2)
Metalflake Light Blue Orange, White and Black tampo on sides, White HW logo Metalflake Grey / plastic Tinted White Black OH5 Orange edge DYL61 Malaysia Base Code(s) K30 Rapid-Transit-p
2017 Multipack Exclusive Metalflake gold Black and Blue stripes, Rapid Transit Chrome / Plastic Clear Blue OH5 X6999 Malaysia Rapid Transit 2016


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