The 2011 Rapid Transit series features trains, buses and trolleys. Each consists of an engine and matching car. All castings have small "claws" on the front and back so that they may attached to one another. The vehicles in this series are:

Toy # Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo
V0139 Rail Rocket Black w/Blue Roof Orange & gray stripes, "Rapid Transit", "8" Blue / Metal N/A Chrome Gray Malaysia RailRodderCarRailRodderEngine
V0138 Steamin' Demon Red Black flames, "HW Pacific Rail", "2" on engine Unpainted / Metal Gold Chrome Gold Chrome Gray Malaysia Steamin' Demon Engine (800x600)Steamin' Demon Car (800x600)
V0140 Rocky Mountain Rail Orange Yellow & Black stripes, "2011" on engine Black N/A Chrome Gray Malaysia Rocky Mountain Rail Engine. (800x600)Rocky Mountain Rail Car (800x600)
V0141 Diesel Chief Yellow & Silver Chrome, Red, Black Stripes, "V0141" on engine Black Chrome Chrome Gray Malaysia Diesel Chief Engine (800x600)Diesel Chief Car (800x600)
V0142 West Coast Flyer Chrome Red stripe, white flames, West Coast Flyer on engine and car Burg / Metal Black Black Red chrome rim, black Malaysia West Coast Flyer Engine (800x600)West Coast Flyer Car (800x600)
V0143 Super Stoker Green "68" on car, "0143" on engine Black N/A Chrome Red chrome rim, black Malaysia Super Stoker Engine (800x600)Super Stoker Car (800x600)
V0144 Fast Freight Black "Fast Freight" and orange band on car, "#5", orange stripes and orange nose on engine Gray / Plastic Chrome Chrome Copper rim, gray Malaysia Fast Freight Engine (800x600)Fast Freight Car (800x600)
V0145 Super Steamliner Turqoise Black & Silver "6811", Yellow HW Logo, "Hot Wheels Rail Co" on flat car Black / Plastic Chrome Chrome Chrome rim, black Malaysia Image Not Available
V01146 Bendy Bus Blue Blue/white Graffiti Graphic, "412" Gray / Plastic Chrome Chrome Chrome rim, black Malaysia Image Not Available
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