Baseball great Reggie Jackson has become a heavy hitter in the field of hot rods and custom cars. Hot Wheels Collectibles has chosen four of Reggie's hottest rods to replicate. Here is what the Hall of Fame outfielder says about each of his classy cars.

1932 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster

"I'm extremely proud that Mattel is using this car as the only Hi-boy they have ever done. It is the epitome of a hot rod! Stripped down, lightweight and a big engine... all of these things made the 'deuce' the car to have in the '40s, '50s, '60s and still today. Its supercharged 389 cid Chevy engine, turbo 360 transmission and 9" Ford rear end combine to make this a truly wonderful cruiser on warm California nights."

'40 Ford Deluxe Convertible

"I purchased this car as a restored showcar -  but it lacked the desired driveability that I want in my cars. So we hooked up with Ford Motor Company and their SVO department and installed a Le Mans 5.0 liter engine with 2 4-barrel carbs. We coupled it to a 5-speed Ford tranny with a 9" rear end and... 'Whaaaa-lah!' A killer '40 that is a dream to drive."

'56 Chevy 210 2-Door Sedan

"I wanted a car that looked and performed like the 'gasser cars' of the '60s, so we body-offed it and started over. We upgraded the rear suspension, tubbed the rear wheel wells and put coil-over shocks. Add to that a Richmond HP 4-speed transmission and a 671 supercharged 350 cid Chevy with 650-plus ponies... what do you get? A gasser car right out of the good ol' days."

1963 Plymouth 426 Max Wedge

"This is one of only three Max Wedge cars built by the factory for drag racing in 1963. It features an all-aluminum front end with the very distinctive hood scoop. Upon opening the hood you find a behemoth 426 Max Wedge engine with 2 4-barrel carbs sitting sideways on a ram intake. Behind the engine is the famous 'pushbutton' Torqueflite Transmission. That combination made this car the pioneer of Chrysler's domination of the drag strips in 1963."


The following vehicles were included in the Reggie's Cars 4-Car Set

Casting Name Color Photo
'32 Ford Roadster Red '32 Ford Roadster
'40 Ford Convertible (1999) Black / Tan Roof '40 Ford Convertibleego (1999)
'56 Chevy 210 Sedan Purple '56 chevyego
1963 Plymouth 426 Max Wedge White 1963 Plymouth 426 Max Wedge


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