The Rescue Racers 5-Pack (CDT18) was released in 2015.



The following castings were in the Rescue Racers 5-Pack (CDT18):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Dodge Charger Drift Car White Red, Black and Silver tampos, with "Rescue", "Dodge" and HW-Logo on sides Black Plastic Light Blue Gray Chrome Blue rim PR5 CDT18 Thailand Push bumper, emergency lights. Rear spoiler is part of the bodywork.
Base code(s): H26
Dodge Charger Drift HWCity RescueRacers 2015
Repo Duty Green Yellow, Black, White tampos, Yellow "Road Rescue" and White "Towing" on doors Black Metallic Clear Yellow Chrome Green & Black OH5SP CDT18 Thailand Base code(s): H27 RepoDuty HWCity RescueRacers 2015
Fire Eater Orange Plastic White, Blue and Red tampos, "68", "HWFD", "Fire rescue" (right) and "Emergency" (left) on the sides Chrome / Plastic Blue Black 5SP (5-Pack CDT18) Thailand Base code(s): H27 FireEater HWCity RescueRacers 2015
Rapid Response Blue/Plastic Whitem Red tampos, "Emergency" and HW Logo on sides Chrome/Plastic Blue Tint N/A PR5/WPR5 (5-Pack CDT18) Thailand Base Code(s): H27 RapidResponse HWRescueRacers 2015
Sky Knife Red Yellow / Plastic White Yellow Micro5SP CDT18 Thailand Base code(s): H27 SkyKnife HWCity RescueRacers 2015

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