What is a Retool? Retooled? It means, as the Merriam Webster Dictionary would define, to revise, modify.

Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. The manufacturing of the die for die casting is called "Tool & Die". Two dies are used in die casting; one is called the "cover die half" and the other the "ejector die half". Mattel produces millions of one casting in a short amount of time. The "Die" either gets worn during the process or flaws in the original design are discovered. Mattel then Retools or modifies the die cast mold to fix or revise the casting die.

Retooled or Retool gets confused with when a die cast wears too much or just breaks. The Cast is no longer usable or fixable. The Die for the casting process must be made from scratch or Tool & Die. This would be remade/re-cast, not retooled. An example is when a die breaks, Mattel just stops the production of that casting. Then, years go by and the casting is brought back to the line-up. The new casting may look alike or similar to a casting that we have seen in years past. However, it is not. It is a new Tool & Die. Mattel may even call it the same name. This maybe due to nostalgia, cost savings on licensing, etc. When these die get remade, or even if they are retooled, they get a new cast number to identify it. Therefore, when a casting is made from a new Tool & Die, it is just that new or remade/reconstructed/re-cast.

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