Debut Series 2011 New Models
Produced 2011 - Present
Designer Kevin Cao
Number T9683


The Retro-Active was a Hot Wheels casting designed by Kevin Cao which has a detailed socket in the rear of the car. Kevin's last name also appears on the car (ex. Cao Tech).


Retro-Active has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window / Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
013/244 2011 2011 New Models
Fluorescent Antifreeze Black 'Cao Tech Electronics' on hood, 'Danger High Voltage' on rear fenders Chrome / Plastic Black PR5 T9683 Malaysia Base code(s): D01, D06 2011Retro-Active
071/247 2012 Track Stars
Satin Magenta Yellow, Orange, White & Black tampos, '3' on top & hood 'Cao', Beige stripe White / Plastic Clear Teal Orange Chrome OH5 V5359 Malaysia Base code(s): D40, D49 Retroactive
056/250 2013 HW Imagination - Future Fleet Black Yellow & Lime Green tampos across top Gray / Plastic Clear Green Yellow OH5 w/ Black spokes & rims X1706 Malaysia Base code(s): E37 RetroactiveCity13
056/250 2013 HW Imagination - Future Fleet Satin Blue Olive & White tampos across top Light Blue / Plastic Clear Yellow Gray OH5 w/ White spokes & rims X1892 Malaysia Base code(s): E37, E40 Retro-Active-2013 056 Future Fleet
056/250 2013 HW Imagination - Future Fleet Metalflake Dark Green Yellow & Lime Green tampos across top Black / Plastic Clear Yellow Glow OH5 w/ Black rims X1893 Malaysia Base code(s): F05 RetroActive5b
056/250 2014 HW City - Future Fleet White Blue & Green tampos across top Pale Blue / Plastic Clear Blue Green OH5 w/ Chrome spokes & rims BFC70 Malaysia Base code(s): F41 Retro-Active-2014 056
2014 Spider-Man 2: Spider Loop Speedway Black Metalflake Silver designs on top Baby Blue / Plastic Clear Blue Black OH5 w/ Blue Chrome rims BLK89 Malaysia Base code(s): G32, F49 SLSRetroActive
2015 Dino Riders 5-Pack Metalflake Purple Black, Green & Blue designs, White 'Dinosaur Patrol' & HW Logo across top Silver / Plastic Clear Green White OH5 w/ Black spokes & rims CDT19 Thailand Base code(s): H11, H12 Retro-ActiveCDT19
2016 HW Formula Space 5-Pack Metalflake Gold Black & White designs, White '4' & HW Logo across top White / Plastic Clear Blue Grey OH5 w/ Gold Chrome rims DJD31 Thailand Base code(s): J29 Retro-ActiveDJD31
2019 Mystery Models
(Series 1)

Yellow Orange, White & Blue Spaceship on top with '8' in Orange. Metalflake Red / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Glow-in-the-dark PR5 with Gold Spokes GBC82 Malaysia Base code(s): L42, L43 Retro-active-2019mystery
029/250 2021 Track Stars
Malaysia Base code(s):

2011 card

From the back of the 2011 card:

Born: 2010
Birthplace: El Segundo, CA, USA
Designer: Hot Wheels®
Specialty: With a single cockpit and built in single-cell super battery, this land speed, electric car is charged and ready to roll!


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