Rev Rod
Debut Series HW City: Tooned II
Produced 2014 - Present
Designer Alton Takeyasu
Number BDD01
2014-125-Rev Rod.JPG


The Rev Rod has been released in the following 1/64th scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
125/250 2014 HW City - Tooned II
Black Purple stripes across top, HW logo on rear fender Black / Metal Tinted (Blue) Pearl Purple Chrome Purple & Black OH5SP BDD01 Malaysia Base code(s): G17, G19

New Model

2014-125-Rev Rod.JPG
2015 Mail-In (Europe) Black Chrome White & Purple lightning tampos on Front & Rear Fenders Black / Metal Tinted (Blue) Pearl Purple Chrome Purple & Black OH5SP CWT62 Thailand Base code(s): H03, H04 RevRodCWT62.jpg
2015 Origin of Awesome Black Purple pinstripes, HW Logo on top Black / Metal Tinted (Blue) Pearl Purple Chrome Purple & Black OH5SP CDT29 Thailand Base code(s): H04 RevRodCDT29.jpg
042/250 2016 Super Chromes
Chrome Purple & Black stripes on sides, HW logo on rear fender Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Purple) Pearl Purple Chrome Purple & Black OH5SP DPH70 Malaysia Base code(s): H04 Rev Rod 2016 1.png
042/250 2016 Super Chromes
Dark Chrome Gold Black & Green designs on top Metalflake Dark Green / Metal Tinted (Green) Black Black & Green OH5SP DHW60 Malaysia Base code(s): J23, J33 Rev Rod 2016 2.png
2017 Multipack Exclusive Plum Green and Yellow stripes on sides and top Black / Metal Tinted (Green) Chrome Yellow Rim OH5SP X6999 Malaysia Base code(s): K06, K24 Rev-Rod-2017.jpg
2018 Multipack Exclusive Candy Blue White and Pink stripes on sides and top Metalflake Gray / Metal Tinted (Pink) Chrome Chrome Purple RA6 BDD01 Malaysia Base code(s): L26 Rev-rod-2018-multipack-blue.jpg
2018 Mystery Models
(Series 4)

Turquoise Yellow and silver designs on sides and top. Yellow "7" on sides Black / Metal Tinted (Yellow) Chrome Chrome Light Blue RA6 FKX70 Malaysia Base code(s): L34 REV ROD FKX70.jpg
2020 Multipack Exclusive Purple Yellow Stripes on sides and top, Black / Metal Tinted (Yellow) Pearl Gray Yellow RA6 BDD01 Malaysia Base code(s): N01 Purple Rev Rod.JPG

2014 card

From the back of the 2014 card:

Born: 2013
Birthplace: El Segundo, CA USA
Designer: Hot Wheels
Specialty: With its ultra-secret cloud engine, this mysterious machine brings the power in Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome!. It's fueled by liquid imagination!

Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome!

In the animated feature Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome!, the Rev Rod was created by Larry, and is powered by his greatest and most powerful invention; the Cloud Engine, which runs on "liquid imagination". This special motor is capable of turning ordinary roads into what Larry boasted to be "the most perfect racing surface known to man"; sleek, orange race track. However, as a side-effect of being powered by liquid imagination, the engine's exhaust fumes could mutate animals, change landscapes, and bring inanimate objects to life on contact.

Prior to the events of the movie, the vehicle was stolen by Rev, Larry's former protege, and used it to wreak havoc where ever he went by "imaginating" whatever he pleased along with leaving behind miles of orange track. It was the first vehicle to appear on screen in the movie, its power used to transform a gas station and causing an iguana to grow to a monstrous size.

Rev traveled to Hilly Woodlands with the vehicle, and used the Cloud Engine's power to cause chaos throughout, leaving behind orange track, transforming the environment, causing the animatronic Abe Lincoln at the Mini-Putt to come to life and make a log cabin out of old people along with starting a volcanic eruption, and created a giant mutant pigeon that attacks the school.

Late in the film, "Rev" was revealed to actually be a nickname for the car, and that it was remotely controlled by Larry, as a means to test Team Hot Wheels on their potential as Hilly Woodlands' heroes. Just as Larry was disbanding the team and was about to erase their memories for failing to work together (as well as making a mess of his lab), Jerry, a robot butler and one of Larry's older inventions, turns evil (ironically from a malfunction caused by one of the team members) and hi-jacks Rev to go on a destructive rampage.

The pursuit of Jerry takes to the desert outside of Hilly Woodlands (which was transformed into "Hot Wheels City" by Larry through Rev), where Team Hot Wheels was able to stop Jerry by turning Rev into a turtle-mobile. This also returned Jerry to its normal self.

Team Hot Wheels: Build the Epic Race!

In the animated feature Team Hot Wheels: Build the Epic Race!, Rev Rod makes a second animated appearance, where it is used by the members of Team Hot Wheels to construct the race track for the Epic Race. At one point, it was stolen from Larry's test facility by the Road Pirates to use the Cloud Engine's power for their own evil purposes. After Team Hot Wheels managed to defeat the Road Pirates with a help of a renegade pirate monkey, by making the villains fire on each other and blasting themselves all the way to prison for good, Larry got his car back. Aside from its usual capabilities, Rev's body color can change depending on who is driving it. The movie also shows the appearance of the Cloud Engine itself. 


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