Debut Series AcceleRacers -
Produced 2005 - 2014
Designer Josh Henson
Number G8095


Reverb was introduced in the AcceleRacers series. Gifted to him by the Teku in an extreme act of sportmanship and good will, Vert Wheeler takes ownership of this vehicle in Breaking Point. Initially armed with Jump Jets and Nitrox 2, Reverb is later equipped with a Nitrox 2 afterburner by Dr. Peter Tezla. The vehicle, with Vert piloting and Sparky riding shotgun, engages in a chase with Gelorum's RD-09 in the Racing Realms. Reverb's last destination was the Silencerz headquarters, where it was commandeered by the Silencerz. Post-AcceleRacers era, Reverb has made various appearances in different Hot Wheels media (and has even spawned the creation of another Hot Wheels model, Hypertruck).      


  • 1100 HP
  • Forged exoskeleton aluminum body 
  • 7 liter beryllium DOHC V12
  • 20' front wheels / 22' back wheels 

Realms Partaken: 

  • Every Racing Realm in existence 

This car's tooling has been updated in 2012. The logo detail in the bottom of the interior was removed, and the base no longer has a hole for it. The front details on the base have been flattened, and the front wheels are now smaller. It is now made in Thailand instead of Malaysia.


The Reverb has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:



Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2005 Acceleracers Dark Blue Teku and #7 Zamac Orange Chrome Teku CM6 G8095 Malaysia Reverb-blue-cm6.jpg
2005 Acceleracers Light Blue Teku and #7 Zamac Orange Chrome Teku CM6 G8095 Malaysia Reverb-a.jpg
2007 WWE Green Red/Black "Rock" Tampo Zamac Smoked Gold chrome Gold PR5 L4698 Malaysia Represents Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the WWE Series. Reverb-wwe-pr5.jpg
2007 The Dreamz Zephyr Foundation Red White stars, "Dreamz" logo on the sides Black painted Zamac Smoked Chrome PR5 Malaysia Employee exclusive. Only 350 made. Reverb-c.jpg
2008 Birthday(Wal-Mart) Red Yellow, red and black lines, honeycomb pattern in the sides, hood and top. Zamac Yellow Chrome OH5 N1157 Malaysia Reverb-red-oh5.jpg
066 2009 Track Stars
Chrome Red and light blue flames, "8" on sides. Zamac  Light Blue Metalflake Gray Red 5SP P2386 Malaysia First mainline release. Also included in the 2010 Smash Up Speedway trackset. 2009 Track Stars Reverb.jpg
2012 Super Loop Trackset Red Yellow, red and black lines in the sides. Zamac Yellow Chrome OH5 G8095 Thailand Similar to the 2008 version, lacks the honeycomb pattern and the tampos in the hood and top. First retooled release.
Reverb Super Loop.jpg
5pk 2013 Vertical Velocity 5 Green Black and white tampos, light blue "09" decal. Zamac Clear Chrome Black PR5 with golden ring X9845 Thailand First time featuring smaller front wheels. Reverb-g.jpg
2014 Mystery Models (Europe exclusive) Purple Black and white tampos, dark gold "09" decal. Zamac Clear Gold chrome Black PR5 with golden ring X9845 Thailand Same as the Vertical Velocity release, only the color scheme was changed. Reverb Model Cars 5800bf2e-2367-4734-857b-8fefa93c4421.jpg


  • Just like most AcceleRacers cars, Reverb's earliest casting was a prototype made of raw ZAMAC and Barbie plastic featuring clear windows. It was sold at Mattel's 2008 charity auction.
  • An early version of Reverb was driven by Mark Wylde during a test animation by DQ Entertainment Ltd. It can be seen racing against other Reverbs featuring unused color schemes.
  • Reverb was supposed to appear in the 2006 Acceleracers Accelerons series. However, plans were changed and only a single prototype was made.
  • An alternate concept version of the 2006 Reverb can be seen in the 2006 German catalog. The only differences are the color swap between orange and purple, and the lack of pink rings on the wheels. It was just a promotional art and never made it to production.
  • Reverb was playable in the 2011 online game Hot Wheels: Racing Circuit. Despite being customizable, it heavily resembles the 2009 Track Stars version due to its liveries.


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