The 2010 Road Course Race 5-Pack (Rock 'N' Road in international packaging) was released with the 5 vehicles listed below



The Following Castings were in the Road Course Race 5-Pack (#R7661):

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Panoz LMP Roadster S Yellow and Spoiler Red Black / Plastic None Black White 10SP Thailand Base code: C19 ROCK N ROAD PANOZ LMP
HW Prototype 12 White and Transparent Dark Blue Black / Plastic Blue White White Rim PR5 Thailand Base Code: C19 ROCK N ROAD HW 12 PROTOTYPE
Nitro Scorcher Red and White Unpainted / Metal Yellow Chrome 5SP Thailand Base Code: C19 ROCK N ROAD NITRO SCORCHER
Fast Gassin Grey, Orange and White Black / Plastic Orange None 5SP Thailand Base Code:C19 ROCK N ROAD FAST GASSIN
Fire Eater Light Green Grey / Plastic Red Grey 5SP Thailand Base Code: C19 ROCK N ROAD FIRE EATER
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