There is a rhythm of the road... and quite often it comes from the beat of a bass drum and hot licks of an electric guitar. For decades, rock 'n' roll has been the soundtrack for our life's journey. It has been the rapid beat to which young rebels - more innocent than rebellious - raced their hot rods on warm summer nights. It was the slower rhythm of a cruise down the boulevard to a drive-in restaurant, where long-legged waitresses in short skirts and aprons roller-skated to the beat of a soulful singer while delivering cheeseburgers and fries. For many of us, rock is the music of the road. 100% Hot Wheels celebrates these two irresistable forces with its Rock 'N' Road car set, rock music and rollin' down the road in the coolest car around.

The following vehicles were included in the Rock 'N' Road 4-Car Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
1957 Cadillac Eldorado Black Image Not Available
'53 Chevy Lowrider Silver & Black Image Not Available
'40 Ford Convertible Black Image Not Available
'32 Ford Roadster Tan Image Not Available

Note: The '40 Ford Convertible could be found with either a white or yellow front.

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