Debut Series Mainline
Produced 1988 - Present
Designer Larry Wood
Number 4389
Rodzilla PrpUH

Rodzilla is a casting in the shape of a reclining mechanical dragon. The driver sits behind the big V8 engine en under the fearsome dragon. The head of the dragon can be turned 360 degrees.


The Rodzilla has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Engine Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
156 1988 Mainline Purple White teeth &Yellow eyes Purple Chrome UH 4389 Malaysia Rodzilla PrpUH
156 1992 Mainline Purple White teeth & Yellow eyes Purple Chrome Chrome GHO 4389 Malaysia Rodzilla PrpSHO
5pk 1994 Speed Demons Green White teeth & Yellow eyes Green Gold UH 11363 Malaysia Rodzilla GrnUH
323 1995 Silver
Chrome White teeth & eyes Chrome Gold UH 13310 Malaysia Rodzilla CrmUH
323 1995 Silver
Chrome White teeth & eyes Unpainted / Metal Gold 7SP 13310 Malaysia Rodzilla Crm7sp
323 1995 Silver
Chrome White teeth Silver / Metal Gold 5SP 13310 Malaysia Rodzilla Crm5sp
991 1999 Mainline 1/109 Chrome White teeth Unpainted / Metal Gold LW Malaysia, China Rodzilla CrmLW
126 2000 Virtual Collection Green Green Gold 3SP 27093 Malaysia, China Code=UNSTPBL Rodzilla Grn3sp
167 2002 Mainline 53/126 Green Black Hot Wheels logo on the rear, White eyes & teeth Green Chrome SB 55052 China Rodzilla thumbnail
068 2007 Street Beasts
Purple No Tampos Metalflake Purple Gold Gold PR5 K7585 Malaysia 2007-Rodzilla
5pk 2010 Scary Cars Red Orange teeth, Hot Wheels Halloween logos on arms Orange / Metal Gold Chrome Orange Chrome PR5 R5475 Thailand 5-Pack exclusive to Target
Base code(s):
Rodzilla Scary
2010 Color Shifters Creatures Green / Yellow White teeth & eyes Unpainted Gold Gold PR5 R1177 Thailand Base code(s): Image Not Available
2012 Mainline
Year Of The Dragon Edition
Red White teeth & eyes Gold Gold Chrome GY5 Y5852 Malaysia Base Code(s): E27 Rodzilla year of the dragon 2012
066 / 250 2014 HW City Medieval Rides
Green Eyes White / Plastic Chrome Gold PR5 BFC78 Malaysia Base code(s): 2014 BFC78 Rodzilla
066 / 250 2014 HW City Medieval Rides
Orange Eyes Black / Metal Chrome Gold PR5 BFF48 Malaysia Base code(s): 2014 BFF48 Rodzilla
5pk 2015 Dino Riders Blue White teeth & Eyes Light Blue/ Plastic Grey White Rim Orange OH5 CDT19 Thailand Base code(s): H11, H12 DinoRidersRodzilla


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