Produced in 2000, the Rumble Road Harley-Davidson 4-Pack contains the 4 motorcycles listed below.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Rumble Road 1999


Harley-Davidson Motor Company "kick-started" in 1903 producing three motorcycles. However, by 1907 manufacturing quickly revved up to one hundred and fifty. The legend was born and was rapidly accelerating. By 1920, Harley-Davidson had become the largest motorcycle maker in the world. To commemorate nearly a century of legendary quality and heritage, Hot Wheels Collectibles proudly presents its Rumble Road motorcycle set. Four replicas ranging from great sport bikes, like the 100-mph 1920 racer and the state-of-the-art Buell Thunderbolt S3, to the classic road cruisers, like the 1948 Panhead and the wildly popular '90s Fat Boy - each cultural icon is so awesome in its detail, it will make you go "hog wild!"


The following castings were released in the Rumble Road Harley-Davidson 4-Pack (#29943):

Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
1920 Racer Light Olive Green China Harley-Davidson 1920 100-mph 1999
'48 Pan Head Blue China Harley-Davidson 1948 Panhead-1999
'90s Fat Boy Metallic Silver China Harley-Davidson Fatboy-1999
BUELL Thunderbolt S3 Yellow China Harley-Davidson Thunderbolt (2)
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