1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2009 Gearonimo 2009 New Models 36/42 N4039 GEARONIMO
2010 Formula Street 2010 New Models 20/44 R0937 Formula Street - 10NM
2011 Honda S2000 2011 New Models 20/50 T9690 Honda s2000 2011 yellow
2011 Super Blitzen 2011 New Models 17/50 T9687 SuperBlitzen Green
2011 Rennen Rig 2011 New Models 19/50 T9689 RENNEN RIG B
2014 Mastretta MXR TBA TBA
2014 MR11 2014 Hot Wheels TBA BDD12 MR11
2014 Hi-Tech Missile List of 2014 Hot Wheels 180/250 ? HW-2014-180-Hi Tech Missile-XRaycers.
2015 Speed Slayer 2015 New Models 5/10 CFM13

Note: I have some clues about other designs of made by Ryu. Mad splash is possibly because of it's intricate detail. Speedbox is because it has the German word "retturgswagen" and I can only assume that Ryu Asada is German. I think that because the name "Ryu" is definitely foreign and "Blitzen" (as used in "super Blitzen")  is German for "lightning."

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