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ComicCon takes place every July in San Diego, California. Traditionally a show for Comic Fanatics, many toy companies and movie studios have gotten into the show since the show's explosion of popularity in the early 2000s.

ComicCon Exclusives

Exclusive Colors

Year Casting Color Tampos Wheels Series / Packaging Photo
2005 Purple Passion Spectraflame Orange Yellow & Green Scallops Redline DDRR Classics Passion classic comiccon.JPG
2005 Batmobile Chrome None Black Chrome 5SP Batman Begins Action Pack Image Not Available.jpg
2006 '50s Chevy Truck Red & Matte Black Silver Flames & Hot Wheels Logo White-Wall DDRR Ultra Hots Series 50CT - ComicCon.jpg
2006 '70 Chevelle Convertible Spectraflame Orange Badges Redline DDRR Classics 70chevelleconv comiccon.JPG
2007 1966 TV Series Batmobile Black Red Stripes & Batman Logos Chrome (Red Center) RR5SP Acrylic Box Bat - 1966 - ComicCon.jpg
2010 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 White Ghostbusters Logo, Badges & Details White-Wall DDRR Acrylic Box Ecto1 ComicCon Loose.JPG
2010 Invisible Jet N/A N/A N/A Package was actually empty Invisible Jet package 1.jpeg
2011 Back to the Future Time Machine Unpainted Details TRR Box of Plutonium which Doc stole from Libyan Terrorists in Back To The Future Part 1 SDCC BTTF Delorean Package.jpg
2011 Dairy Delivery White Pink Fenders & 'Franken Berry' Deco White-Wall RR10SP Came in Box Representing 2011 Nostalgia Line. Several pink OH5 wheels were included in the box, so when you shook it, it would sound like there was cereal inside. SDCC Frankenberry Dairy Delivery.jpg
2011 Super Van Black Gold Stripes and 'Legendary' Gold Chrome OH5 SDCC Legendary Super Van.jpg
2012 K.A.R.R. Image Not Available.jpg
2012 K.I.T.T Image Not Available.jpg
2012 The Mystery Machine Turquoise Yellow Panels & 'The Mystery Machine' Yellow & Orange LW5 Image Not Available.jpg
2013 Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Chrome Details N/A Image Not Available.jpg
2013 Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider Chrome Details N/A Image Not Available.jpg
2013 A-Team Van Black & Dark Gray Red Stripe, Badges & Details, Brown Dirt Splatter all over Chrome Red 'BF Goodrich Radial T/A' TRR A-Team Van (Y0604) 01.jpg
2013 Custom '71 El Camino Metallic Black Details, HWTF Logo & Legendary Pictures Logo Black (Chrome Red Rim) OH5 Custom '71 El Camino SDCC.jpg
2013 Volkswagen Beach Bomb Pickup Spectraflame Blue Asteroids Logo & Graphic Redline TRR Hot Wheels 2013 Exclusive Comic Con Atari Beach Bomb Pickup Asteroids.jpg
2014 Aston Martin 1963 DB5 Chrome Badges & Details RRWSP Aston Martin DB5 1963 Chrome .jpeg
2014 The Homer Spectraflame Green Badges & Details DDRR SDCC The Homer Open.jpg
2014 Darth Vader Black Details Chrome Red RR5SP Came inside a Lightsabre Hot wheels star wars darth vader exclusive character car.jpg
2015 First Order Stormtrooper White Details Black (Chrome Rim) RR5SP First Order Stormtrooper (DJX29) 02.jpg
2015 Marvel Secret Wars 3-Car Set N/A N/A N/A Marvel Secret Wars (DJX30).jpg
2015 Batmobile (Batman v Superman) Matte Black Details Black TRR Batmobile (Batman vs Superman)-26304.jpg
2016 '64 Buick Riviera Black Badges & Details TRR SDCC '64 Buick Riviera.jpg
2016 Harley Quinn Orange, White & Red White & Chrome Black RR10SP Harley Quinn '16 SDCC 01.jpg
2016 Daredevil vs Punisher 2-Car Set N/A N/A N/A Marvel Daredevil Vs. Punisher 2-Pack.jpg
2017 Spider-Mobile Metallic Red Blue Hood, Details Chrome Red Spider-Man DISH SDCC Spider-Mobile.jpg
2017 Dead Buggy Metallic Red Black Hood Chrome Red Deadpool DISH SDCC Dead Buggy.jpg
2018 Star Wars Trench Run 4-Car Set N/A N/A N/A Diorama Set with lights & Sound Effects SDCC2016-Star-Wars-Hot-Wheels-Trench-Run-001.jpg
2018 Thanoscopter Yellow 'THANOS' on side N/A ThanoscopterCube.jpg
2018 Action Comics #1 Sedan Green Details White & Green RRS Action Comics -1 Sedan.jpeg
2019 Standard Kart Chrome Metal Mario.jpg
2019 TMNT Party Wagon Yellow & Green DISH TMNT Party Wagon - 19 SDCC 1200pxOTD.png
2019 Armored Batmobile Set SDCC Armored Batmobile.jpg
2019 Spider Machine GP-7 Red & White Black Spider-man logo & cobweb SRR 1978 Spider-man Japanese TV Show vehicle Spider Machine GP-7 05.jpg
2019 Mouse Droid Charcoal Charcoal 5SP Star Wars Character Cars MouseDroid-SDCC-2019.png
2020 Land Rover Defender 110 Pickup Blue Dirt, rust, white roof, front & rear details DDRR Marvel Avengers Endgame Drive to New Asgard scene Marvel Land Rover 110-0.jpeg
2020 X-Wing Fighter Light Grey Red & yellow stripes, vines N/A The Empire Strikes Back scene, includes feature to raise the X-Wing out of the swamp SDCC X-Wing Empire Strikes Back.jpg
2021 First Batmobile Red Red with tampoed headlamps, "KANE 41" on hood RRSteelie From iconic scene in comic SDCC First Batmobile.jpg
2021 Green Darth Vader Spectraflame green Black splotches RR5SPM Based on Darth Vader's appearance on the cover for Star Wars #1 SDCC Darth Vader Character Car.jpg
2021 Deadpool Scooter Red Red with tampoed headlamp, various logos RRMC5 N/A SDCC Deadpool Scooter.jpg
2021 Masters of the Universe Wind Raider vs. Land Shark Green / Purple N/A Includes He-Man and Skeletor Masters of the Universe Wind Raider vs. Land Shark.jpg