The San Diego Padres, a major league baseball franchise, started giving away an exclusive Hot Wheels car in 2000. These cars are given to kids 14 & under.

San Diego Padres Promotion

The Following Castings were given away in a San Diego Padres Promotion:

Year Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
2000 Corvette Stingray III Image Not Available
2001 '40's Woodie Image Not Available
2002 Humvee Hummer SD Padres 76
2003 Scorchin' Scooter Image Not Available
2004 '56 Ford Truck Image Not Available
2005 Purple Passion Passion AGENTAIR 33
2006 Off Track Image Not Available
2008 Cool-One White Chrome Plastic Light Blue Tint Black PR5 Thailand Given away at the 8/3/2008 game. Cool-One - 08 Padres Promo
2009 '69 Pontiac GTO White Chrome Plastic Yellow Tint Chrome RL5SP Thailand Given away at the 7/19/2009 game. Image Not Available
2010 Double Demon Delivery Given away at the 9/12/2010 game. Image Not Available
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