Released in 2006, the Sci-Fi Hiway 5-Pack featured 5 castings that have a Sci-Fi theme to them.

Sci-Fi Hiway


The following castings were in the Sci-Fi Hiway 5-Pack (J3293):

Casting Name Body Color

Base Color

Window Color Interior Color Decals Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Vulture Metallic Purple Translucent Green / Plastic Green tint Chrome "Target Earth", target on roof Green OH5 Thailand Vulture - sci-fi 5pk
Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept Car White Gray / Plastic Smoke tint Chrome Robot, chinese writing Gold PR5 Thailand HWMitsubishiEclipseConceptJapan
Firebird Funny Car Dark Red Chrome / Metal Yellow tint Chrome "Inbrainsion!", brains, choking man Gold 5SP Thailand 75px
Fandango Metalflake Green Black / Plastic Yellow Tint Chrome "The Atomoscotts", skeletons Gold PR5 Thailand 2006 Sci-Fi Hiway Fandango
Swoopy Do Black Chrome / Metal Red Tint Chrome "Space Pirate", robotic skull Red 5SP Thailand Image Not Available
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