Released in 2002, the Sci-Fi Monster 5-Pack featured 5 vehicles with tampos made to resemble movie advertisements.



The following vehicles were in the Sci-Fi Monster 5-Pack:

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
Deora Silver "Return Of The Fifty Foot Moon Maiden In 3-D" tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue tint White Blue Chrome 5DOT 54423 Malaysia No surfboards Moon Maiden Deora - 1271ef
Splittin' Image II Black, Silver and Gold Black / Plastic Gold N/A Gold Chrome 5DOT 54423 Malaysia Splittin' Image Sci-Fi - 2460ef
Pontiac Rageous Purple and Green "Attack of the 3 inch atomobots!" Gray / Plastic Green Tint Chrome Green Chrome 5SP 54423 Malaysia Pontiac Rageous Sci-Fi - 2461ef
'57 Chevy Red and Gold "I was a teenage freak from outerspace!" Gold Chrome / Plastic Black Tint Black Red 5SP 54423 Malaysia '57 Chevy Sci-Fi - 2462ff
Fiat 500C Lime Green and Gold "The terrifying transporting time machine of Dr. Tregs!" Unpainted / Metal Gold Black, Silver and Gold Gold Chrome 5SP 54423 Thailand Fiat 500C Sci-Fi - 2463ff
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