Shock Factor
Produced 1992 - 2009
Designer Larry Wood
Number 3164
Shock Factor BlkPk


The Shock Factor has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
141 1992 Mainline Black & Pink Blue, Red, Yellow "7" "BORT", "SIMPSON", "GOOD YEAR", "BELL" unpainted metal N/A Pink CT 3164 Malaysia Shock Factor BlkPk
1994 Red & White Blue White "FX", "Nintendo" unpainted metal N/A Red CT 3164 Malaysia Mail in / based on game "Stunt Race FX. Shock Factor nintdo
141 1995 Black & Red Blue, Red, Yellow "7" "BORT", "SIMPSON", "GOOD YEAR", "BELL" unpainted metal N/A Red CT 3164 Malaysia Cereal give-away Shock Factor BlkRd
1996 Light Green & Blue White , three shades of Blue splashes Blue metal N/A Black CT China came packaged with game CD Shock Factor GrnCT
1998 Toy Story 2-Pack Light Green & Black White , three shades of Blue splashes Blue Metal N/A Black 5SP China Shock Factor Grn5SP
700 1998 Yellow & Blue Red, White, Black "SHOCK FACTOR" Unpainted Metal N/A Blue BW China

Playable vehicle in Stunt Track Driver 2: Get 'n Dirty

Shock Factor YelBlu
1998 Off Road Racing 4-Pack Yellow & Black Red, Silver, Black "2" Grey painted Metal N/A Black BW China Shock Factor Yel
1999 Bonus Car or Mystery Cars Black Gold, Silver, "Q2" unpainted Metal N/A Black BW China Mail order only in baggie Shock Factor Blk
1999 included with Toy Story Game Yellow & Purple Purple Hot Wheels Logo unpainted Metal N/A Purple 5SP China Shock Factor YelPrp
1999 Timeless Toys II 4-Pack Red & Black Yellow, White, Silver, Black "Tyco RC" unpainted Metal N/A Black SB Malaysia Toys R Us exclusive Shock Factor Red
121 2002 Mainline Fluorescent Yellow & Black Black, Silver, Gold flames unpainted Metal N/A Black OR5SP 55006 Malaysia Shock Factor BrtGrn
154 2003 Alt Terrain
Black & Red Yellow, White, Silver, Red Hot Wheels Logo "2" "MOJAVE RACING" unpainted Metal N/A Red OR5SP 57138 China Shock Factor BlkRed
196 2006 Mainline Orange-Brown & Blueish Chrome Blue, White, Black "8" unpainted Metal N/A Blueish Chrome OR5SP J8027 Malaysia ShockFactor 2006HotWheels
36/50 2009 Connect Cars - Nevada Metalflake Teal OR5SP Shock Factor - Connect Cars
200? Truckin' Transporters Black & Orange unpainted Metal N/A Orange OR5SP Shock factor transporter


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