Short Nose Day Cab Truck
Debut Series Long Haulers
Produced 1998 - 2000
Designer  ?
Pavement Pounder 2000 59 Caddy


This casting was introduced in 1998 as part of the Long Haulers series, and continued to be used in the Pavement Pounders series. The name "Short Nose Day Cab Truck" is unofficial, as none of the transporter castings from these series were named. It is modeled after a modern streamlined semi-truck, often called "short nose" trucks in contrast to the older long nose trucks. The truck tows an open frame trailer reminiscent of a car hauler. There is space in the trailer for one car, and the rear opens up to form a ramp. The cab can be disconnected from the trailer. This is the only casting to have ever used STAR wheels.


Year Toy # Transporter Color Transporter Tampo Transporter Base Color / Type Transporter Wheel Type Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Color Bonus Vehicle Tampo Bonus Vehicle Base Color / Type Bonus Vehicle Wheel Type Country Bonus Vehicle Photo Notes / Variations
1999 Green Cab, Yellow Trailer "Supercycle Hot Rod Bike Shop" Chrome/Black / Plastic Pavement Pounder 1 Scorchin' Scooter Dark Green Chrome / Metal MC3 Image Not Available
2000 89850 Blue Cab, Black Trailer Checkerboard and Numbers Graphic Chrome/Red / Plastic STAR Pavement Pounder 2000 59 Caddy '59 Caddy Blue Checkerboard Chrome / Plastic LW China Pavement Pounder 2000 59 Caddy Car
2000 89850 Green Cab, Yellow Trailer "Bilstein" Chrome/Black / Plastic STAR Pavement Pounder 2000 Camaro '80s Camaro Black Blue and Green Unpainted / Metal 3SP China Pavement Pounder 89850 80s Camaro
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