Side Draft
Debut Series First Editions
Produced 2002 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Side Draft Phil R


The Side Draft is a Hot Wheels creation. It is powered by a 1100 HP 3.0L turbocharged aluminum W8 with side draft intakes, giving this car its name. It has a carbon fibre body on a magnesium chassis with coilovers, carbon ceramic brakes with 4 piston calipers, carbon fiber wheels, and 35 series rubber slicks. There is a triple nose cone. The front chin spoiler forces air to the front brake intakes, the front fenders drift into engine intakes at the rear with a spoiler which is half the side draft's girth. The back of the side draft has a rear brake outlet behind the rear lights and a transmission outlet inbetween. The engine cover is vented. The rear fender forces air to the sides of the side draft, which increases balance and creates a vacuum near the intake, creating greater suction. Air moves smoothly over the windshield, which covers most of top of the car but is also a quarter of the Side Draft's girth. The engine cover can also be opened on the toy version; in 2014, the casting was changed so that the cover is now integrated with the glass windshield so it can no longer be opened.

It appears in both the movie and comic versions of Highway 35, being a part of team Street Breed, and is driven by Dan Dresden.

It also appears in Stunt Track Challenge as a Stunt car.


The Side Draft has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
052 2002 First Editions
Metalic dark orange White, Black. "7" on side Black / plastic Tinted (Black) Black Chrome PR5 52940 Malaysia
108 2003 Spectraflame II
Spectraflame Green Black "Hot Wheels Spectraflame II" on side Black / plastic Tinted (Green) Black Chrome PR5 57245 Thailand Sidedraft
9/35 2003 Highway 35 World Race Dark Red Multi-colored fusion graphics Tinted (Green) Green-Rim, Gray CM5 B0884 Side Draft - Hwy35
5pk 2004 Cyborg Assault Yellow  Red and black Cyborg design yellow/plastic Tinted (Green) Black N/A N/A Malaysia Unknown
2004 Mutant Biotronic Kingdom Set ? ? Side Draft 2004 24
5pk 2005 Black Tops Black Silver, Red Flames and stripes,  '7' on sides  Chrome Tinted (Red) RedPR5 ? Malaysia Side Draft CIMG1159
163 / 180 2007 Mystery Cars
Metalflake Dark Grey White stripe on sides Black / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Black PR5 K7630 Malaysia 2007 mystery Side Draft
2008 Long Hauler Yellow Black, Blue strip on sides Black / plastic Tinted (Blue) Black Chrome PR5 Malaysia Sidedraft.yellow
062 (USA) 070 (Int.) 2010 Track Stars
Flat Lime Green Black, Blue strip and star on sides Black / Chrome plastic Tinted (Green) Black Chrome


R7463 Malaysia Base code(s): C05, C02 SIDE DRAFT
N/A 2011 Super 6-Lane Raceway Flat Lime Green Black, Blue strip and star, on sides Black / Grey plastic Tinted (Green) Black Gray


W9570 China

Side Draft - Super6Lane

2011 Wall Tracks Display Rack Grey Green and Black on the sides  Black/plastic Tinted (Green) Green Green PR5 ??? Malaysia Base code(s): A52 CIMG3455
5pk 2015 Nitrobot Attack Dark Red Yellow and Green Flames designs Black/ Plastic Green Black Lime Green OH5
with Green Outline
CDT15 Thailand Base code(s): H22, H28
Updated tooling
Side Draft tires
2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Milano Breakout Track Set cooper metal logo and image of "Rocket Raccoon" character black tinted (blue) gray chrome PR5 China base code: 3536 EAA MCI20181127 215918-1449990484


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