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Side Dump Car
Debut Series Hot Wheels Railroad
Produced 19831985
Designer Larry Wood
Number 9605
Image Not Available.jpg


A gondola is an open-topped railcar used to carry loose bulk commodities. These are similar to flatcars but feature slightly raised side walls; as a matter of fact the earliest gondolas were repurposed flatcars. Due to their often low side walls gondolas may be used to carry high-density cargo or bulky items; not all gondolas feature low side walls, particularly some of the more specialized gondolas such as bathtub gondolas and coil cars. Some gondolas are similar in appearance to hopper cars, but are distinct from them as hoppers feature hatches on their floor to empty their cargo, while unloading of gondolas is done manually through the use of manpower or mechanical assistance. Various types of commodities that can be carried by tank cars include pipes, steel plates, track ballast or railroad tracks.

This model depicts a standard side-dump gondola. The model features a side-tipping trough to unload cargo and has only been found in a Burlington Northern paintscheme with pipes as cargo. Some publications have cited that the Side Dump Car is available singly although there have been no recorded examples as such, with all examples having been found in the Superrails Station playset.


The Side Dump Car has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Accent color Railroad / Company Represented Base Color / Type Train # Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1983 Hot Wheels Railroad Freight Master Gift Pack Red Black Burlington Northern Railroad Black / Metal 985108 9605 Hong Kong Named Burlington Northern Working Side Dump Car
Very hard to find
Image Not Available.jpg
1983 Hot Wheels Railroad Superrails Station Red Black Burlington Northern Railroad Black / Metal 985108 9422 Hong Kong Named Burlington Northern Working Side Dump Car with Pipes Image Not Available.jpg