Skull Crusher
Debut Series Color Shifters Creatures
Produced 2010 - Present
Designer Kevin Cao
Number R1186
SkullCrusher Creatures


The Skull Crusher has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
- 2010 Color Shifters Creatures Blue Small Yellow and Red HW logo on Back Unpainted Metal Tinted (Yellow) OH5 R1186 Thailand SkullCrusher Creatures
- 2010 Color Shifters Creatures Yellow to Orange to ? Brain on top of skull "showing through". Unpainted Metal OH5 Skull Crusher 1
209/244 2011 Thrill Racers Cave
Gold Chrome Yellow, Red, White and Black spider web pattern Satin Black Metal Tinted (Red) Red Chrome 5SP T9916 Malaysia Base code(s): D17 SkullCrusher Cave
- 2011 Color Shifters- Hypercolor Purple Magenta flames on skull Metal OH5 V6732 Thailand Base code(s): Skull Crusher - 11CS-Hypercolor
- 2011 Color Shifters- Hypercolor Purple Magenta flames on skull Unpainted Metal OH5 X5300 Thailand Base code(s): D48 DSCI0018
- 2012 Color Shifters- Hypercolor Purple Rainbow? Unpainted Metal Tinted (Yellow) OH5 V1059 Thailand Base code(s): D01 HW ColorShifters BoneCrusher TombUp
005/247 2012 Thrill Racers Volcano
Transparent Orange Black, Red & Orange flames Metalflake Black Metal Tinted (Red) Transparent Red Wheel, Black OH5 V5509 Malaysia Base code(s): E32 Skull Crusher-205 2012 Thrill Racers - Volcano
141/250 2013 HW Racing Super Chromes
Chrome Black, Purple flames Purple Metal Tinted (Purple) Chrome Purple OH5 X1770 Malaysia Base code(s): F05 Skull Crusher-2013 141
5pk 2014 Monster Mission 5-pack White Black biohazard symbol on sides Black Metal Tinted (Yellow) Gold & Black OH5SP BFB37 Thailand Base code(s): Skull Crusher 2014 24
- 2014 3-Pack White Red Design and '18' on roof ? ? Red OH5 ? Thailand Base code(s): Skull Crusher 2014 2 24
081/365 2017 Fright Cars
White Blue & Dark Blue design on top Dark Blue Metal Tinted (Blue) Chrome Light Blue & White OH5SP DTX70 Malaysia Base code(s): J45 Skull Crusher DTX70
214/365 2017 Fright Cars
Black Orange & Yellow brain-like tampos on top Red Metal Tinted (Yellow) Yellow & Light Red OH5SP DVB25 Malaysia Base code(s): K06,K09 Skull Crusher DVB25
007/365 2018 Holiday Racers
Orange 2017, Pumpkin, Purple / Purple flames on top,Hot Wheel logo Purple Metal Tinted (Green) White wheels & chrome green rim OH5SP FJW18 Malaysia Base code(s): K30 FJW18 C
209/250 2019 Street Beasts
Glow-in-Dark white Dark Green Bullet holes, lighter-tone green cracks around the holes. Hot WHeels Logo Gray Metal Tinted (Green) Lime & Black OH5 FYD46 Malaysia Base code(s): M12 Skull Crusher. 2019 Street Beasts 5-10 (209-250)

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