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[[Category:Unlicensed Hot Wheels]]

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Sky Knife
Debut Series 2007 New Models
Produced 2007-Present
Designer Steve Moran
Number 2007-013
Sky Knife Steve Moran

The Sky Knife is an original Hot Wheels casting based on a helicopter, debuting in the 2007 New Models.


The Sky Knife has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Body Type / Color Chassis Type / Color Window Color Propeller Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
013 2007 2007 New Models Die-Cast / Antifreeze green Die-Cast / Grey Black Gray Micro 5SP Sky Knife Steve Moran
013 2007 2007 New Models Die-Cast / Blue Die-Cast / Grey Solid Black Gray Micro 5SP Malaysia SkyKnifeBluRF
013 2007 2007 New Models Die-Cast / Metalflake red Die-Cast / Black Black Gray Micro 5SP SkyKnifeRedLF
2008 Rescue Rods 5-Pack Light Green Die-Cast / Chrome Black Black Micro 5SP Thailand Sky Knife Rescue Rods
2010 Police Pursuit 5-Pack Fluorescent Yellow Chrome Black Black Micro 5SP Image Not Available
179 2011 HW City Works 9/10 Fluorescent Green Chrome Black Gray Gold Micro 5SP T9886


Base Code(s):


2012 Police Pursuit 5-Pack (2012) Matte Black Red / Plastic Blue Gray Gold Micro 5SP Thailand Sky Knife Police Pursuit

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