It's a perfect summer morning. The sky is clear, the lake is glassy and the temperature is already in the high 70's. A rock 'n' roll classic plays on the radio at the marina as you slowly roll into a stop near the launch ramp. Instantly, a crowd gathers to admire your tricked out tandem. The '59 Chevy Apache Fleetside pickup has been modified for high performance with a 409 cid engine and dual quad carbs. On your trailer is a classic Crackerbox Race Boat, powered by a nail-valve Buick mill with six carburetors. Your vehicle and vessel combine to produce nearly 800 horsepower and your fans have come to watch your boat create smoke on the water.


The following vehicles were included in the Smoke 'N Water 3-Vehicle Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
'59 Chevy Apache Metallic Red Image Not Available
Trailer Metallic Red Image Not Available
Crackerbox Race Boat Woodgrain Image Not Available
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