Released in 1999, the Snow Patrol (21087) featured 5 cars.



The following cars were in the Snow Patrol 5-Pack (21087):

Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Big Chill Met. Silver White, Blue, Black, "8" "SEARCH & RESCUE" Blue / Plastic Chrome Chrome Blue track with tiny rollers Thailand Blue Skis Big Chill Gry
Roll Patrol Metalflake Purple White, Blue, Black, "AVALANCHE Resort" "GUEST SERVICES" Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Blue ORSB Thailand Trailbuster PrplBlu
Ford F-150 Red & White Avalanche Resort Ski Patrol 6 Black Plastic Blue Tint Chrome 3SP 21087 Thailand Ford F-150 RedWht
Treadator Black White, Blue, Purple "SEARCH & RESCUE" Blue / Plastic Chrome Blue track with tiny rollers Thailand Treadator Blk
Oshkosh Snow Plow White with Grey plastic top and bed Blue, Purple, White "MAINTENANCE", Black "AVALANCHE" Unpainted / Metal None White SB 2902 Malaysia Did not come with plow attachment Oshkosh Snowplow WhtGry
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