2016 Soccer Series

Soccer Series

The Soccer Series features 8 different models that were launched in April 2016. These models are Kroger family stores exclusives but may be found elsewhere.

Col# Toy # Casting Name Representing Country Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
1/8 DJL43 Street Shaker Czech Republic Metalflake Dark Blue PR5 Base code(s): Street Shaker (DJL43) 01 Street Shaker (DJL43) 02
2/8 DJL46 Avant Garde France White White & Black OH5SP Base code(s): Avant Garde (DJL46) 01 Avant Garde (DJL46) 02
3/8 DJL44 Circle Trucker Portugal Metalflake Green Gold 5SP Base code(s): Circle Trucker (DJL44) 01 Circle Trucker (DJL44) 02
4/8 DJL40 Golden Arrow Italy Red White & Black OH5SP Base code(s): Golden Arrow (DJL40) 01 Golden Arrow (DJL40) 02
5/8 DJL39 Muscle Tone Poland Pearl White Gold PR5 Base code(s): Muscle Tone (DJL39) 01 Muscle Tone (DJL39) 02
6/8 DJL42 Prototype H-24 Spain Red Yellow & Black OH5SP Base code(s): HW Prototype H-24 (DJL42) 01 HW Prototype H-24 (DJL42) 02
7/8 DJL45 Imparable England White Chrome Red & Black OH5SP Base code(s): Imparable (DJL45) 01 Imparable (DJL45) 02
8/8 DJL41 Yur So Fast Germany Flat Black White & Black PR5 Base code(s): Yur So Fast (DJL41) 01 Yur So Fast (DJL41) 02

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