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Sooo Fast
Debut Series 2001 First Editions
Produced 20012009 (original)
20092010, 2018 – Present (retool)
Designer Mark Jones
Number 28737
Sooo Fast white pearl 2001 First Editions.JPG


The Sooo Fast casting was designed by Mark Jones and was first released as a 2001 First Editions. It has exposed wheels and a roof that opens to reveal a mid-mounted engine.

This car appears in a multitude of Hot Wheels games.


The Sooo Fast has been released in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
016 2001 2001 First Editions
White pearl Maroon tampos metallic red painted Metal Clear Chrome 5SP 28737 Malaysia Sooo Fast white pearl 2001 First Editions.JPG
2001 Early Times White and Red Red, Gold, & Black tampos, 'Early Times So. Calif.' & '2001' on sides, HW logo on rear ZAMAC Clear Chrome RR 50678 Malaysia Sooo Fast Early Times.jpg
182 2001 Mainline Flat Black ZAMAC Black 5SP 53721 Malaysia 2001 Sooo Fast black.jpg
2001 Hallmark Ornament Red Flames ZAMAC 5SP "2001" or "2002" on hood depending on which year it was sold Sooo Fast Hallmark.jpg
062 2002 Spares 'N Strikes
Red Black, Yellow, Red & White Bowling themed tampos. ZAMAC Clear Chrome 5SP 54334 China Bowling Sooo Fast.jpg
2002 Hot Wheels Holiday Chrome 5SP Sooo Fast Holiday.png
130 2003 Wastelanders
Flat Black red/yellow/white tampos flat Black Metal Red tint gold Chrome Gold 5SP 57124 Malaysia Sooo Fast flat black wastelanders series 2003.JPG
2003 Blue Book Light Blue White, Silver and Black design, “J Blaney Racing”, “Bluebook 203” on doors and trunk Blue Metal Tinted Chrome 5SP B2307 Malaysia Sooo Fast Blue Book.jpg
118 2004 Tat Rods
Flat Brown Black pin striping with Orange birds displaying "FLY FREE" Banner. Black Painted Metal Orange Chrome 5SP B3839 China Sooo Fast Tat Rods.jpg
2004 Auto Affinity: Rockin' Rods
Red & White White Painted Metal Clear Chrome RR5SP C2634 Malaysia 34 So Cal Coupe Sooo Fast So Cal.jpg
2005 Heat Fleet II 5‑Pack Black Gold 5SP G6914 SoooFastRright.jpg
041 2006 Treasure Hunts
Spectraflame Copper Black, yellow and red flames. Matte Black / Metal Red Grey RLRR5SP J3283 Malaysia Sooo Fast - 06TH.jpg
2007 Street Show
Metalflake Red & Black Orange Flames Red Painted Metal Clear Chrome RR5SP China Sooo Fast Street Show 1.jpg
2007 Street Show
Blue Yellow & Orange Flames ZAMAC Clear Chrome RR5SP L3058 China Sooo Fast Street Show 2.jpg
156/196 2008 Team: Engine Revealers
Purple Purple flames on light purple stripes at sides Unfinished Metal Clear Chrome 5SP M6870 Malaysia SooFastMuradoRF.jpg
News Letter 16th Annual Collectors Convention Blue Yellow, red & white tampo's ZAMAC Clear Chrome RR Malaysia Given out at the 16th Annual Collectors Convention in Irvine, CA Sooo Fast Newsletter.jpg
160/190 2009 Modified Rides
Flat Black Black, White, and Yellow tampos on sides, and hood, with "MOON Equipped" aka MOONEYES® logo on sides, and hood ZAMAC Yellow ZAMAC White 5SP Rear, White SK5 Front P2480 Malaysia SoooFast 09 MoonEyes RF Thomas.jpg
160/190 2009 Modified Rides
Yellow  Black and White tampos on sides, and hood, with "MOON Equipped" aka MOONEYES® logo on sides, and hood ZAMAC Clear Chrome 5SP Rear, SK5 Front P2480 Malaysia Base Codes: C04 Sooofast modified yellow.JPG
147/240 2010 HW Hot Rods
Dark Blue White tribal flames outlined in yellow and Red Unpainted / Metal Tinted Chrome OH5 R7572 Malaysia Roof no longer opens, still "Choking hazard on card, 5ooo Fast on base S is a 5 SoooFast HotRods Blue.JPG
2018 Avengers Assemble 5‑Pack Yellow Thor on sides, HW logo on both front quarter panels Black / plastic Black (Tinted) Gray 5SP FRN41 Thailand Base Codes: L30 Soofastavengersassemble.jpg
2020 Batman 5‑Pack Green ”The Riddler” on sides, purple question marks on sides. Purple / metal Tinted (purple) Purple Purple DD8 Indonesia Base code(s): M46 EF742D1A-3BEA-423E-89FA-307172886C99.jpeg

2009 Modified Rides card

From the back of the 2009 Modified Rides card:

Born: 2001
Birthplace: El Segundo, CA, USA
Designer: Hot Wheels®
Specialty: Never before has a '30s hot rod gone so fast. With a supercharged engine that sits right behind the driver's head, Sooo Fast® is also sooo loud it will shake your shoes right off your feet.


Engine: W8 Thunder Orion

Horsepower: 972 HP

Top Speed: 274 MPH (440 Km/H)

Acceleration 0-60 mph: 4.5 seconds