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"Flamin" Frank Pedregon's Fiat Coupe Dragster to '60's Muscle Cars 5-Pack
'60s 'Full Body' Dragster to '78 Dodge Little Red Express
'78 Ford Mustang II to 1975 Corvette
1975 Datsun Sunny Truck (B120) to 2011
2011 BMW M3 GTR to 7th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention
7th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals to Backpack 5-pack
Backroad Rally Series to Boulevard Buccaneers Series
Boulevard Buccaneers Series (2003) to Christopher Colangelo
Chrome Burnerz 5-Pack to Custom Cougar (2002)
Custom Countach to Drag Gone
Drag Race Duel to Ferrari 308 GTB
Ferrari 308 GTS to Fraser Campbell
Freddy to HW Daredevils Mini Collection (2021)
HW Daredevils Series (2014) to Hi Beam
Hi I.Q. to IAD Alien
ID to Larry's Garage (2009)
Larry's Garage 21-Car Set to Max Steel 5-Pack (2)
Max Steel 5-Pack (2000) to Mudd Runner
Mudo Runner to Pass'n Gasser
Passin gasser to Quick Trik
Quick n' Sik to Rig Dog (Truckin' Transporters)
Rig Heat to Short card
Shovel to Spoiler Sport (disambiguation)
Spoilers to Suzuki GSX-R
Suzuki GSX-R/4 to Tiki Torchers 5-Pack
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Series to Ultimate Garage
Ultimate Hot Rod Racing to World Rally Series
World Tour 5-Pack to “COOL COLLECTIBLES” Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
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