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S'Cool BusS.W.A.T. Van
SS ExpressST8Saber
Saber (Battle Mode)Saber (disambiguation)
Sabine WrenSakura SprinterSaleen S7
Salt ShakerSaltflat Racer
Sam BrownSamsonSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Cars
San Diego Padres PromotionSand CrabSand Drifter
Sand StingerSand WitchSandblaster
Sandblaster (F/X Stunt Team)Sandblaster (disambiguation)Sandivore
SandstingerSatin and Chrome Series
Saturn Ion Quad Coupe
Saw Gerrera
ScaribScarif StormtrooperScene Machines
School BusSchool BustedSci-Fi Hiway 5-Pack
Sci-Fi Monsters 5-PackScience Friction
Scion FR-SScion xB
Scirocco GT 24Scooby-DooScoopa Di Fuego
ScooperScorch TorchScorcher
ScorchersScorchin' ScooterScorpedo
Scorpedo (Mutant Machines)Scott RobertsonScout Trooper
Scrapheads SeriesScreamin'Screamin' Hauler
ScreamlinerSeared TunerSeasider
Second WindSecret Code SeriesSeein' 3-D Series
Sega Games SeriesSegment SeriesSei Cho
Semi-FastSemi-PsychoSemi Fast II
Sergeant Jyn ErsoSerpent Cyclone 5-Pack
Service Merchandise 16-car setSets and Cases
Shadow JetShadow Jet IIShadow Mk IIa
Shark BiteShark Hammer 2.0
Shark Park 5-PackShark Shock
Shark WreakSharkbite Racers 5-Pack
Shelby 5-PackShelby Cobra 427 S/C (Fatbax)
Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (HW Collectibles)Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
Shelby Series 1Shelby Turbine
Shell ShockSheriff Patrol
Shift KickerShiners 5-Pack
Shock FactorShock Therapy
ShockerShoe BoxShort Order
Show-OffShow Biz 5-PackShow Hoss II
Showroom SeriesShowroom Specials 5-PackShredded
Side DraftSide KickSide Ripper
Sidon IthanoSilencerzSilhouette
Silhouette (Fatbax)Silhouette IISilver Bullet
Silver Series
SimbaSince '68 Series
Sinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 1Sinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 2Sinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 3
Sinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 4Sir Rodney Roadster
Sith Infiltrator (Starship)Six ShooterSixy Beast
SizzlersSkate Brigade
Skate PunkSkateboarders 5-Pack
SkeletonSkeleton Crew
Skin Deep Series
SkullSkull & Crossbones SeriesSkull Crusher
Skull RiderSkull Shaker
SkullfaceSkullface (Mutant Machines)Skullface (disambiguation)
SkullriderSky BoatSky Dome
Sky FiSky Jump 5-PackSky Knife
Sky ShowSky Show DeoraSky Show Fleetside
Sky Show Mini Collection (2016)Sky Show Series
Sky Show Series (2015)Slide Kick
SlideoutSliderSlikt Back
Sling ShotSmash-Squatch
Smashville 5-PackSmoke 'N Water 3-Vehicle SetSmokin' Grille
Snack Time SeriesSnake
Snake IISnake II (1973)
Snake Oiler Race CarSnake Oiler Street Car
Snake Rail DragsterSnake Speeder
Snap-On Tools PromotionsSnap-On Tools TruckSneeker
Snow HawkSnow Patrol 5-PackSnow Ride
Snow StormerSnow Stormers SeriesSnowflake Edition
So-Cal Speed Shop 2-Car SetSo Fine
So PlowedSoccer Series
Sol-Aire CX-4Solar Eagle III
Solar ReflexSoldier FortuneSoldier Fortune Black Ops
Solid MuscleSon-Uva Digger
Sonic Special
Sooo Fast
Space Series
Space VanSpacer RacerSpares and Strikes Series
SpecTyteSpecial Delivery
Special LiveriesSpecial StickersSpector
SpectraflameSpectraflame Series
SpectrafrostSpeed-A-SaurusSpeed Blaster
Speed Blaster SeriesSpeed Blur
Speed Blur 5-PackSpeed Blur Mini Collection (2019)
Speed Blur Mini Collection (2020)Speed Bump
Speed Circus 5-PackSpeed Demons
Speed Demons 5-Pack (1994)Speed Demons 5-Pack (1998)Speed Dozer
Speed DriverSpeed Gleamer SeriesSpeed Machine
Speed MachinesSpeed Machines (1983)Speed Machines (2010)
Speed RacerSpeed SeekerSpeed Seeker Moto
Speed SharkSpeed SlayerSpeed Spider
Speed Spray SeriesSpeed Team SeriesSpeed Team Series (2014)
Speed Team Series (2015)Speed TrapSpeedbox
Speeder Bike (Starship)Speedin' StretchSpeedshift 500 set
Speedway SeriesSpeedy Pérez
SpiderSpider-ManSpider-Man: Homecoming Series
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse SeriesSpider-Man (2017)
Spider-Man (Monster Jam)Spider-Man (Monster Truck)Spider-Man (character car)
Spider-Man 5-PackSpider-Man Series
Spider RiderSpider Slam 5-Pack
Spin-out StockerSpin King
Spin Storm 5-PackSpine BusterSpiral Stack-Up 5-Pack

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