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S'Cool BusS.W.A.T. Van
SSO5SPSS Express
Saber (Battle Mode)Saber (disambiguation)Sabine Wren
Sakura SprinterSaleen S7
Salt ShakerSaltflat RacerSam Brown
SamsonSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive CarsSan Diego Padres Promotion
Sand CrabSand DrifterSand Stinger
Sand WitchSandblasterSandblaster (F/X Stunt Team)
Sandblaster (disambiguation)SandivoreSandstinger
Satin and Chrome Series
Saturn Ion Quad Coupe
Saw GerreraScarib
Scarif StormtrooperScene Machines
School BusSchool BustedSci-Fi Hiway 5-Pack
Sci-Fi Monsters 5-PackScience Friction
Scion FR-SScion xB
Scirocco GT 24Scooby-Doo
Scoopa Di FuegoScooperScorch Torch
ScorcherScorchersScorchin' Scooter
ScorpedoScorpedo (Mutant Machines)Scott Robertson
Scout TrooperScrapheads SeriesScreamin'
Screamin' HaulerScreamlinerSeared Tuner
SeasiderSecond WindSecret Code Series
Seein' 3-D SeriesSega Games SeriesSegment Series
Sei ChoSemi-FastSemi-Psycho
Semi Fast IISergeant Jyn Erso
Serpent Cyclone 5-PackService Merchandise 16-car set
Sets and CasesShadow JetShadow Jet II
Shadow Mk IIaShark Bite
Shark Hammer 2.0Shark Park 5-Pack
Shark ShockShark Wreak
Sharkbite Racers 5-PackSharkruiser
ShazamShelby 5-Pack
Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (Fatbax)Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (HW Collectibles)
Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
Shelby Series 1Shelby Turbine
Shell Shock
Sheriff PatrolShift Kicker
Shiners 5-Pack
Shock FactorShock TherapyShocker
Shoe BoxShort OrderShow-Off
Show Biz 5-PackShow Hoss IIShowroom Series
Showroom Specials 5-PackShreddedShredder
ShredsterSide-SplitterSide Draft
Side KickSide RipperSidon Ithano
SilencerzSilhouetteSilhouette (Fatbax)
Silhouette IISilver BulletSilver Series
Since '68 Series
SinistraSinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 1
Sinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 2Sinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 3Sinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 4
Sir Rodney RoadsterSith Infiltrator (Starship)
Six ShooterSixy BeastSizzlers
Skate Brigade
Skate PunkSkateboarders 5-PackSkeleton
Skeleton CrewSkin Deep Series
Skull & Crossbones SeriesSkull CrusherSkull Rider
Skull ShakerSkullface
Skullface (Mutant Machines)Skullface (disambiguation)Skullrider
Sky BoatSky DomeSky Fi
Sky Jump 5-PackSky KnifeSky Show
Sky Show DeoraSky Show Fleetside
Sky Show Mini Collection (2016)Sky Show Series
Sky Show Series (2015)Slashcat
Slide KickSlideoutSlider
Slikt BackSling Shot
Smash-SquatchSmashville 5-PackSmoke 'N Water 3-Vehicle Set
Smokin' Grille
Snack Time SeriesSnake
Snake IISnake II (1973)
Snake Oiler Race CarSnake Oiler Street Car
Snake Rail DragsterSnake Speeder
Snap-On Tools PromotionsSnap-On Tools TruckSneeker
Snow HawkSnow Patrol 5-PackSnow Ride
Snow StormerSnow Stormers SeriesSnowflake Edition
So-Cal Speed Shop 2-Car SetSo Fine
So PlowedSoccer Series
Sol-Aire CX-4Solar Eagle III
Solar ReflexSoldier FortuneSoldier Fortune Black Ops
Solid MuscleSon-Uva Digger
Sonic Special
Sooo Fast
Space Series
Space VanSpacer Racer
Spares and Strikes SeriesSpecTyte
Special DeliverySpecial LiveriesSpecial Stickers
Spectraflame SeriesSpectrafrostSpeed-A-Saurus
Speed BlasterSpeed Blaster Series
Speed BlurSpeed Blur 5-Pack
Speed Blur Mini Collection (2019)Speed Blur Mini Collection (2020)
Speed BumpSpeed Circus 5-PackSpeed Demons
Speed Demons 5-Pack (1994)Speed Demons 5-Pack (1998)
Speed DozerSpeed DriverSpeed Gleamer Series
Speed MachineSpeed MachinesSpeed Machines (1983)
Speed Machines (2010)Speed RacerSpeed Seeker
Speed Seeker MotoSpeed SharkSpeed Slayer
Speed SpiderSpeed Spray SeriesSpeed Team Series
Speed Team Series (2014)Speed Team Series (2015)Speed Trap
SpeedboxSpeeder Bike (Starship)Speedin' Stretch
Speedshift 500 setSpeedway Series
Speedy PérezSpiderSpider-Man
Spider-Man: Homecoming SeriesSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Series
Spider-Man (2017)Spider-Man (Monster Jam)Spider-Man (Monster Truck)
Spider-Man (character car)Spider-Man 5-Pack
Spider-Man SeriesSpider-Mobile

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