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S'Cool BusS.W.A.T. Van
SS ExpressSTAR
Saber (Battle Mode)Saber (disambiguation)Sabine Wren
Sakura SprinterSaleen S7
Salt ShakerSaltflat RacerSam Brown
SamsonSamurai SplitSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Cars
San Diego Padres PromotionSand CrabSand Drifter
Sand StingerSand Stinger (McDonald's)Sand Witch
SandblasterSandblaster (F/X Stunt Team)Sandblaster (disambiguation)
SandivoreSandstingerSandy Cheeks
Satin and Chrome Series
Saturn Ion Quad Coupe
Saw GerreraScarib
Scarif StormtrooperScene Machines
School BusSchool BustedSci-Fi Hiway 5-Pack
Sci-Fi Monsters 5-PackScience Friction
Science Friction (disambiguation)Scion FR-S
Scion xB
Scirocco GT 24Scooby-DooScoopa Di Fuego
ScooperScorch Torch
Scorch Torch (disambiguation)ScorcherScorchers
Scorchin' ScooterScorpedoScorpedo (Mutant Machines)
Scorpedo (disambiguation)Scott RobertsonScout Trooper
Scrapheads SeriesScreamin'Screamin' Hauler
ScreamlinerScum Chums Action Pack
Seared TunerSeasiderSebastian
Second WindSecret Code SeriesSeein' 3-D Series
Sega Games SeriesSegment SeriesSei Cho
Semi-FastSemi-PsychoSemi Fast II
Sergeant Jyn ErsoSerpent Cyclone 5-Pack
Service Merchandise 16-car setSets and Cases
Shadow JetShadow Jet IIShadow Mk IIa
Shark BiteShark Hammer 2.0
Shark Park 5-PackShark Shock
Shark TearorShark Wreak
Sharkbite Racers 5-PackSharkruiser
ShazamShelby 5-Pack
Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (Fatbax)
Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (HW Collectibles)Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
Shelby Series 1Shelby Turbine
Shell ShockShell Trophy
Sheriff PatrolShift KickerShift Kickers
Shiners 5-Pack
Shock FactorShock Force
Shock Rod (disambiguation)Shock TherapyShocker
Shoe BoxShort Nose Day Cab Truck
Short Nose Sleeper Cab TruckShort OrderShow-Off
Show Biz 5-Pack
Show Hoss IIShowroom Series
Showroom Specials 5-PackShreddedShredder
ShredsterSide-SplitterSide Draft
Side KickSide RipperSidon Ithano
SilencerzSilhouetteSilhouette (Fatbax)
Silhouette IISilver BulletSilver Series
Silver Storm
Since '68 Series
SinistraSinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 1
Sinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 2Sinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 3Sinnin's Talk Page - Archive Number 4
Sir OminousSir Rodney RoadsterSiren Blaster
Sith Infiltrator (Starship)Sith TrooperSix Shooter
Sixy BeastSizzlers
Sizzlers (disambiguation)Skate Brigade
Skate PunkSkateboarders 5-PackSkeleton
Skeleton CrewSkin Deep Series
Skull & Crossbones SeriesSkull CrusherSkull Rider
Skull ShakerSkullface
Skullface (Mutant Machines)Skullface (disambiguation)Skullrider
Sky BoatSky DomeSky Fi
Sky Jump 5-PackSky KnifeSky Search Action Pack
Sky ShowSky Show Deora
Sky Show FleetsideSky Show Mini Collection (2016)
Sky Show RigSky Show SeriesSky Show Series (2015)
Slammed 2-Car SetSlashcat
Slide KickSlideoutSlider
Slikt BackSling Shot
Smash-SquatchSmashville 5-PackSmoke 'N Water 3-Vehicle Set
Smokin' Grille
Snack Time SeriesSnake
Snake IISnake II (1973)
Snake Oiler Race CarSnake Oiler Street Car
Snake Rail DragsterSnake Speeder
Snake and Mongoose 35th Anniversary 2-Car SetSnap-On Tools PromotionsSnap-On Tools Truck
SnorkelSnow HawkSnow Patrol 5-Pack
Snow Plowers Action PackSnow RideSnow Stormer
Snow Stormers SeriesSnowflake Edition
So-Cal Speed Shop 2-Car SetSo FineSo Plowed
Soccer SeriesSol-Aire CX-4
Solar Eagle III
Solar Racing Action PackSolar ReflexSoldier Fortune
Soldier Fortune Black OpsSolid Muscle
Son-Uva DiggerSonic Special
Sonic SurferSooo Fast
Space Series
Space Shuttle Discovery
Space VanSpacer Racer
Spares and Strikes SeriesSpecTyte
Special DeliverySpecial Delivery (disambiguation)Special Liveries
Special StickersSpectorSpectraflame
Spectraflame SeriesSpectrafrost
Speed-A-SaurusSpeed BlasterSpeed Blaster (disambiguation)
Speed Blaster SeriesSpeed Blur
Speed Blur 5-PackSpeed Blur Mini Collection (2019)
Speed Blur Mini Collection (2020)Speed Bump

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