Speed Machine
Debut Series Street Eaters
Produced 1996 - 2004
Designer Ira Gilford
Number 15258
Speed Machine Grn


This casting was first released as Mantis for 1970 and it has an opening canopy. For the 1973 release the name was changed to Double Vision. The casting was later renamed Speed Seeker for three releases from 1984 through 1987. After a nine year absence it was again released a few more times with a new name of Speed Machine. The major difference for the latest release is that the canopy doesn't open.


The Speed Machine has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
412 1996 Street Eaters
Met. Green Red, Yellow, Black beast face unpainted metal red tint light 5SP 15258 Malaysia Speed Machine Grn
412 1996 Street Eaters
Met. Green Red, Yellow, Black beast face unpainted metal red tint light 7SP 15258 Malaysia Speed Machine Grn7
561 1997 White Ice
Pearl White black HW logo on rear unpainted metal red tint white 3SP 15258 Malaysia Speed Machine Wht
1998 Bonus Car Dark Purple White, orange, Black "Q4" "98", BONUS CAR"" unpainted metal Clear Tan 3SP Malaysia Speed Machine Bns
747 1998 Tech Tones
Black Metallic Copper spots unpainted metal Clear Tan SB 18813 Malaysia each car is unique as the spots are random Speed Machine Blk
1088 1999 Mainline Black Yellow, Orange, Red, White "SPEED SEEKER" unpainted metal Yellow tint White Gold 5DOT 24102 Malaysia Speed Machine BlkGld
5pk 2000 Star Explorers Purple Red & Yellow "Space Invasion 2000" w/ Black city skyline on the sides. Unpainted Metal Yellow Tint White 3SP Thailand 1998 ?
5pk 2001 Shark Park Green blue/yellow tampos Hammerhead Unpainted metal Blue tint white 5SP 50012 Thailand Speed machine green Shark Park 5-pack 2001
5pk 2002 Insectiride flat Black silver/red tampos Orange painted metal Red tint white 5DOT Thailand Speed machine insectiride 5-pack car 2002
5pk 2004 Batman Metallic Purple The Joker etc black painted metal red tinted white RedY5 B3601 Thailand Speed Machine CIMG1145

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