Speed Machines were a line of vehicles released by Mattel in 1983 to compete with other lower cost diecast brands. They consisted of Hot Wheels casting with a few cost cutting features, such as plastic bases, no chrome, and simple enamel paint.


The following castings were in the Speed Machines line released:

Casting Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
American Victory Green no tampo Yellow / Plastic N/A Yellow BW Malaysia American Victory Grn
Bubble Gunner Yellow Orange, Magenta, White, stripes with stars Black / Plastic Clear Red BW 2511 Malaysia Bubble Gunner Yel L
Bubble Gunner Yellow Maroon Plastic BW 2511 Malaysia Image Not Available
Dumpin' A Grey N/A unpainted / metal N/A Blue BW 2507 Malaysia Grey Motor Image Not Available
Dumpin' A Grey N/A unpainted / metal N/A Blue BW 2507 Malaysia Dumpin' A Gry
Hare Splitter Blue N/A Grey Plastic Black tint Black BW 2504 Malaysia Tire Rack Removed Hare Splitter SpdMch
Inside Story Red N/A Black / Plastic Yellow tint Whit BW 3300 Malaysia IMG 2211
Lowdown Red White, Yellow, Orange ribbons Grey / Plastic Blue tint Tan BW 9185 Malaysia Lowdown RedSM
Mustang Stocker Black Yellow rally stripes Grey / Plastic Blue tint White BW   Hong Kong 2015-03-22 00-13-04 383
Packin' Pacer Light Blue N/A Gray / Plastic Yellow tint Yellow BW Hong Kong Packin pacer speed machines
Poison Pinto Red Yellow, Black, and White "Poison Pinto", skull and crossbones on sides Black / Plastic Blue tinted Grey BW Hong Kong Image Not Available
Rock Buster White N/A Black / Plastic N/A Red BW Rock Buster Wht
Second Wind Orange Maroon, White, Blue "5" Black / Plastic Blue tint Black BW 9644 Malaysia Second Wind Org
Show Hoss II Blue Blue, White stripes N/A BW Image Not Available
Spacer Racer Yellow Yellow, White, Green, Black circuit board Black Plastic Black Yellow BW 2503 Malaysia Never came with gun (image is missing windshield) Spacer RacerYel
Spoiler Sport Enamel Light Blue Dark Blue, Light Green and Yellow stripe to flames tampos on sides Black / Plastic Black Black BW Malaysia Spoiler sport AGENTAIR 1a
Super Van Red Red & Orange flames Gray / Plastic Black tint Black tint BW 7649 Malaysia Supervan RedL
Top Eliminator Plum N/A unpainted / metal N/A BW Malaysia Image Not Available
Turbo Wedge Yellow N/A Grey / Plastic Black Grey BW Malaysia Did not come with rear wing. TurboWedge Speed
T-Totaller Magenta Yellow, White, Blue "Your basic trucking company" Yellow / Plastic N/A Pink BW Malaysia T-Totaller MagL
Vega Bomb Dark Green N/A Unpainted / Metal no windows Black BW 7658 Hong Kong Vega Bomb Grn
'Vette Van Dark Pink Yellow, White, Orange ribbon tampos on sides Gray / Plastic Clear Tan BW Malaysia Vette Van Pnk
Z Whiz Light Green Yellow, Blue, Orange "Datsun Z" Gray / Plastic Black tint Black BW Hong Kong Zwhiz speed org sleepercivic
Z Whiz Light Green Yellow, Blue, Red "Datsun Z" Gray / Plastic Black tint Black BW Hong Kong Zwhiz speed red sleepercivic
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