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Speed Seeker
Debut Series Ultra Hots
Produced 1984 - 2012
Designer Ira Gilford
Number 7299
Speed Speeker Red.JPG


This casting was first released as Mantis for 1970. It has an opening canopy and an exposed metal engine/exh. pipes. For the 1973 release the name was changed to Double Vision and solid louvers replaced the exposed rea-mounted engine. The casting was later renamed Speed Seeker for three releases from 1984 through 1987. After a nine year absence it was again released a few more times with a new name of Speed Machine. The major difference for the latest release is that the canopy doesn't open.

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1984 Ultra Hots Spectraflame Dark Red White, Yellow, Black lightning bolts unpainted metal Black tint Black UH 7299 Malaysia In Germany it was carded as "Rekordbrecher" Speed Speeker Red.JPG
1985 Stamper 3-Pack Spectraflame Gold White, Yellow, Red lightning bolts unpainted metal Yellow tint Yellow UH 9348 Malaysia Speed Speeker Gld.JPG
1987 White Red, Green, Black snake unpainted metal Yellow tint Yellow UH 1512 Malaysia Speed Speeker Wht.JPG
Color Changers Greyish-Purple Blue, White, Purple snake unpainted metal Black tint Black BW Malaysia Speed Machine Gry.JPG
2012 The Hot Ones Green Blue and Green Tampos with 84 on front Blue Tint Gray SHO Thailand *Newer Version Speed Seeker.jpg

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