Spider-Man: Homecoming Series

This series of cars promoting the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie.

Col # Toy # Casting Name Represented Item/Character Body Color Base Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
DWD15 Scoopa Di Fuego Spider Man White Chrome  Plastic Base code(s): K12 Image Not Available DWD15 CRD
1 / 6 DWD17 Power Rage Spider Man Blue Unpainted Metal Base code(s): K17 DWD17 L DWD17 CRD
2 / 6 DWD18 Teegray Spider Man Red Unpainted Metal Base code(s): K17 DWD18 L DWD18 CRD
3 / 6 DWD16 Power Bomb Vulture Green Metalic Green Metal Base code(s): K14 DWD16 L DWD16 CRD
4 / 6 DWD21 Jaded Scorpion Camo Green Unpainted Metal Base code(s): K16 DWD21 L DWD21 CRD
5 / 6 DWD19 Golden Arrow Shocker Yellow Grey Plastic Base code(s): K17 DWD19 L DWD19 CRD
6 / 6 DWD20 Drift King Prowler Metalic Green / Purple Purple Plastic Base code(s): K14 DWD20 l DWD20 CRD
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