Released in 2001, the Spider Slam featured a variety of cars with tampo deco of Spiders and spiderwebs.



The following cars were in the Spider Slam 5-Pack:

Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Chevy Stocker White Black, Yellow, Gold, Green "YELLOW JACKET" Unpainted / Metal Black SB 50020 Thailand Chevy Stocker WhtGld
Turbo Flame Purple Black, Orange, White "TRAPPER" Black / Metal Red tint Purple 5SP Thailand Turbo Flame Prp
Power Pistons Clear Orange Black, White, "Rocket FLYZ" Unpainted / Metal Clear Grey 3SP 13343 Thailand Power Pistons Org
Sweet 16 II Metalflake Brown Orange, White, Black & Blue Spider Unpainted / Metal Orange Tint Chrome Gold 5SP 50018 Malaysia Sweet 16 II Brown
Saltflat Racer Black silver, Yellow, Gold Be-Like stripe "STING" Black Metal Orange Tint Gold Chrome 5SP Thailand Saltflat Racer Blk
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