In 2002, 100% Hot Wheels re-released its classic Splittin' Image with a brand new detailed casting and created a new, modern version. This was the only release of these two castings.


Recently several auto makers have successfully produced updated versions of older models. 100% Hot Wheels is out to prove that we can 'go retro' with the best of them with our Splittin' Images set. Splittin' Image was a concept car designed in 1969 by Ira Gilford, the same year his Twinmill debuted. With its futurist styling, twin cockpit canopies and exposed engine, Splittin' Image has been a collector favorite spanning five decades. The vehicle was the perfect choice to be brought into the 21st century with a refined and updated design and emblazoned with a special paint color. It's the way we have updated its 'Image'.

The following vehicles were included in the 2002 Splittin' Images 2-Car Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
Splittin' Image Aqua 100SplitOriginal
Splittin' Image II Purple 100SplitNew


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