The Sports Stars 5-Packs was released in 2000, featuring the following vehicles.

Sports Stars


Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Camaro Convertible White Silver, Pink. n°27 Gilstein Uneversity. Basket Ball on side. Black plastic Tint Black SB India 95camaroconv.white
Corvette Stingray III Gold Red Plastic Grey tint White 3SP Malaysia Corvette Stingray III gld
Jaguar D-Type Metalflake Dark Red Yellow, White "Huffman Hawks" Metalflake Dark Red / Metal Clear Grey LW Malaysia Jaguar D-Type DkRed
1996 Mustang GT Metallic Green White, Black, Red and Yellow "Dragons" Unpainted / Metal Gray tint Black Gold LW Thailand 1996 Mustang Grn
Dodge Viper RT/10 Metallic Gray Blue, White, Gray, Yellow, "Jirasak Jaws Water Polo" Black Blue Tint Black 3SP Thailand Dodge Viper SilvBlu

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