The following vehicles were used in the 2018 Spring Series:

Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Tampos Wheel Type Notes Photo
1/6 FKV02 Ultra Rage Purple Green Stripes and '18 Spring Team Racing' on side Black (Chrome Pink Rim) OH5 Base code(s): K45 ULTRA RAGE 1 FKV02
2/6 FKV03 Rocket Box Light Green Black, White & Orange Stars and Stripes, Orange Bee and 'Spring' on side Chrome Purple PR5 Base code(s): K45 ROCKET BOX 1 FKV03
3/6 FKV04 SpecTyte Light Blue Orange Stripes, '18 HW' and Yellow Bee on side Yellow RA6 Base code(s): K45 SPECTYTE 1 FKV04
4/6 FKV05 Canyon Carver Green Purple, Black & Yellow Snake and 'Spring Racer' on side Black (Magenta Rim) MC3 Base code(s): K45 CANYON CARVER FKV05
5/6 FKV06 Twin Mill III Orange White, Black & Yellow Stripes and 'Spring 18' on roof Chrome Green TRAP5 Base code(s): K45 TWIN MILL III 1 FKV06
6/6 FKV07 Ground FX Dark Yellow Purple & Yellow Bird and '18' on side Black Skinny 5SP Base code(s): K45 GROUND FX 1 FKV07
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