Also released as Walmart exclusive 2019 Easter Series in the United States.


The following vehicles were used in the 2019 Spring Series:

Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Tampos Wheel Type Notes Photo Loose Photo Card
1/6 GBC43 Carbonic Yellow Purple, White, Blue & Orange stripes and '19' on sides & hood, Blue "Spring '19" on hood Purple & Chrome Blue RA6 Base code(s):  Spring 19 Carbonic yellow.jpg GBC43-Card.jpg
2/6 GBC44 Speed Slayer Clear Green Yellow & Pink flames w/ Pink & Blue "Spring '19 Racing" on sides Purple & Chrome SKDisc Base code(s):  Spring 19 Speed Slayer green.jpg GBC44.jpg
3/6 GBC45 Power Pistons Purple Blue & Purple graphics w/ Yellow "Spring '19 Circuit" on sides Blue & White AeroDisc Base code(s):  Spring 19 Power Pistons purple.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
4/6 GBC46 Blvd. Bruiser Blue Pink & Yellow flames on sides & hood, '19' on sides & roof, "Spring '19" on sides Green & Yellow 5SP Base code(s):  Spring 19 Blvd Bruiser blue.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
5/6 GBC47 Nerve Hammer Clear Orange "19", Yellow & Blue design & White "Spring '19" on sides Teal & White RA6 Base code(s):  Spring 19 Nerve Hammer orange.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
6/6 GBC48 Gazella R Pearl White Blue & Pink stripes w/ "Spring '19" on sides Blue & Yellow AeroDisc Base code(s):  Spring 19 Gazella R white.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
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