The Star Explorers 5-Pack (25363) was released in 2000.

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The following castings were in the Star Explorers 5-Pack (25363):

Casting Name Tampo Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Shadow Jet Yellow black/white/orange/magenta "ME25" "EZROJ" "SPACE STATION" Unpainted Metal Red Tint Yellow 5SP 25363 Thailand Shadow Jet yellow star explorers 5-pack 1999
Radar Ranger Metalflake Blue Yellow, Black, Red and White "Radar Ranger" Unpainted / Metal Red tint black ORSB 25363 Thailand Radar Ranger BluR
Solar Eagle III Red "Cal State L.A.," "Solar Eagle III" and "Cal State logo" Black / Metal Black N/A MC1 25363 Thailand Solar Panels black or gray Solar Eagle III 2000
Speed Seeker Metalflake Purple Red, Yellow, & Black tampos, Space Invasion 2000 Unpainted Metal Yellow Tint White 3SP 25363 Thailand 1998 ?
Flashfire White Green, Yellow, Black "INTER GALATIC RIDER" Black Plastic Clear Grey 5SP 25363 Thailand Same as 2000-177. Flashfire Wht
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