The 2002 Star Spangled Series consisted of the following four cars: Chrysler Pronto (originally released in the 1999 First Editions), 3-Window '34 (originally released in the 1980 Hi-Rakers), Deora II (originally released in the 2000 First Editions) and '69 El Camino (originally released in the 2000 First Editions).

Vehicles in series:

Series # Name Notes Photo Detail
#1/4 Chrysler Pronto Based on the Chrysler Pronto Cruizer Concept of 1999 Star Spangled Chrysler Pronto - 7063df Star Spangled Chrysler Pronto Detail - 7069bf
#2/4 3-Window '34 Had exposed Chrome Plastic enging showing at sides of hood Star Spangled 3-Window '34 - 7064df Star Spangled 3-Window '34 Detail - 7070bf
#3/3 Deora II Had one Blue and one Red surfboard Star Spangled Deora II - 7068df Star Spangled Deora II Detail - 7072bf
#4/4 '69 El Camino Had Red Plastic spoiler at back Star Spangled '68 El Camino - 7067df Star Spangled '68 El Camino Detail - 7071bf

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