These iconic Star Wars character are comically recreated by Hot Wheels. They are off-road caricature of famous Star Wars characters. These souped-up cars are related to the regular Character Cars. They have working suspension. The All-Terrain Characters Cars were released in August 2017.

"Your favorite Star Wars™ Characters Cars™ are taking it from the streets to any terrain in the galaxy. With an active suspension and larger tires, these reimagined vehicles are designed for off-road domination.

Navigating the sandy dunes of Tatooine while on a high-speed chase is no issue for these awesome racers. Encountering the enemy on the snowy fields of Hoth becomes an afterthought as you plow your way through a nasty blizzard.

Get ready for endless fun that knows no bounds!"


Toy # Casting Name Color Wheels Notes Photo Loose Blister Photo
FCY97 BB-8 White & Orange Grey AT4SP Image Not Available FCY97 BB-8 package front
FCY96 Luke Skywalker White & Orange Orange ATRA Image Not Available FCY96 Luke Skywalker package front
FCY98 Darth Vader Black Grey AT5SP FCY98 Darth Vader FCY98 Darth Vader package front
FCY99 Stormtrooper White White AT16SP FCY99 Stormtrooper FCY99 Stormtrooper package front
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