Hot Wheels Steering Rigs was a line of detailed semi tractor and trailer sets that were released in 1981 and 1982. On the back of the trailer, there was a large wheel on top which could be used to steer the rig. See detail below:

Steering wheel detail.

They were produced in two locations: Hong Kong and France. Both pieces will have the country of manufacture on them. The differences between the France and Hong Kong can be very minor (just the base) or significant (colors or opening doors). The French weren't too discerning when putting the tractor and trailer together. There have been several examples where the semi and trailer were mixed up, i.e. a Peterbilt semi with a Allied Moving trailer (should be a Mack semi)

Another special feature of the Steering Rigs is a piece of rubber on a set of the semi wheels and a set of the trailer wheels, see the following pictures. The rubber is needed to give the wheels grip. Without it, you can turn the wheel but the truck will continue to go straight

IMG 6220.JPG

IMG 6219.JPG

Vehicles in series:

Series # Year Name Notes Photo Cab Photo
1915 1981 Kenworth Van Kenworth steering rig hot wheels racing team trailer.JPG Steering rigs white cab.JPG
1915 1981 Kenworth Van Gray trailer door Kenworth Van-24687 1.jpg Kenworth Van-24687 4.jpg
1915 1981 Kenworth Van Red trailer door Kenworth Van-24689 1.jpg Kenworth Van-24689 4.jpg
1915 1981 Kenworth Van France Kenworth Van-24688 1.jpg Kenworth Van-24688 4.jpg
1916 1981 Peterbilt Tanker Peterbilt Tanker Steering Rig - 7615df.jpg Peterbilt Tanker Cab - 7616cf.jpg
1916 1981 Peterbilt Tanker France Kenworth Tanker-24681.jpg Kenworth Tanker-24681 4.jpg
1917 1981 GMC Hauler (GMC General) Hong Kong GMC Hauler-24679.jpg GMC Hauler-24679 4.jpg
1917 1981 GMC Hauler (GMC General) France GMC Hauler-24677.jpg GMC Hauler-24677 3.jpg
1918 1981 Kenworth Tanker Kenworth Tanker-24678.jpg Steering rigs blue cab.JPG
1918 1981 Kenworth Tanker France Gray Tanker Trailer w/"Arco" logo on sides White Cab
1919 1981 Peterbilt Hauler Peterbilt Hauler-24680.jpg Peterbilt Hauler-24680 4.jpg
1919 1981 Peterbilt Hauler France Orange Gravel Trailer w/"Bob's Sand and Gravel" on sides Red Cab
1920 1981 GMC Van Blue trailer door GMC Van-24684 1.jpg GMC Van-24684 4.jpg
1920 1981 GMC Van France GMC Van-24683 1.jpg GMC Van-24683 4.jpg
3430 1982 Ford LTL Cattle Trailer Hong Kong Ford LTL Cattle Trailer-24691.jpg Ford LTL Cattle Trailer-24691 4.jpg
3431 1981 Mack Moving Van Hong Kong Mack Moving Van-24686.jpg Mack Moving Van-24686 4.jpg
3432 1982 White Grain Trailer Hong Kong White Grain Trailer-24758.jpg White Grain Trailer-24758 4.jpg
3432 1982 White Grain Trailer France White Grain Trailer-24696.jpg White Grain Trailer-24696 4.jpg
3433 1982 Ford LTL Moving Van Hong Kong Ford LTL Moving Van-24690.jpg Ford LTL Moving Van-24690 4.jpg
3434 1982 Mack Grain Trailer Hong Kong Mack Grain Trailer-24695.jpg Mack Grain Trailer-24695 4.jpg
3434 1982 Mack Grain Trailer France Mack Grain Trailer-24694.jpg Mack Grain Trailer-24694 4.jpg
3435 1982 White Cattle Trailer Hong Kong White Cattle Trailer-24692.jpg White Cattle Trailer-24692 4.jpg
3435 1982 White Cattle Trailer France White Cattle Trailer-24693.jpg White Cattle Trailer-24693 4.jpg
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