Released in 2008, the Street Beast 5-Pack featured three "beast-like" vehicles and two vehicles armed to protect the city.

Street Beast 5-Pack - 6667cf


The following vehicles were in the Street Beast 5-Pack:

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Vampyra Dark Green Green & Olive tampos on sides  Unpainted / Metal None None 5DOT Thailand Vampyra - 7081df
Enforcer Metalflake Gold Black & Silver tampos w/ '447' on sides Unpainted / Metal Black None Gold 5SP Thailand Street Beast 5-Pack Enforcer - 7083df
Sharkruiser Orange Black & White tampos on sides  Unpainted / Metal None Chrome 5DOT Thailand Sharkruiser - 7082df
Preying Menace Red Orange, Black & Maroon tampos across top Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Yellow) Dark Red Orange 5SP Thailand Preying Menace - 7084df
Invader Flat Black Grey, Green & Dark Green tampos on sides Black / Plastic None Chrome Green 5SP Thailand Has a Green plastic missile that could be launched Street Beast Invader - 7085cf
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