The Street Beasts 5Packs (DVF93) was released in 2017.

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The following castings were in the Street Beasts 5-Pack (DVF93):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Knight Draggin' Black Silver scales on tops of fenders Unpainted / Metal N/A Chrome Red OH5 Malaysia Base code(s): K10 KnightDragginDVF93
Steer Clear Purple Yellow designs on top Brown / Plastic Chrome N/A OH5 w/ Yellow spokes Malaysia Base code(s): K10 SteerClearDVF93
Scorpedo Gold Black & Green designs on sides Burgundy / Metal Green N/A Grey PR5 w/ Black rims Malaysia Base code(s): K10 ScorpedoDVF93
Super Stinger Brick Red Orange & Yellow designs on sides Unpainted / Metal Yellow N/A 5SP w/ Yellow rims Malaysia Base code(s): K10 SuperStingerDVF93
Ratical Racer Green Black, Brown & Yellow designs on top Olive Green / Metal N/A Orange Khaki Green 5SP Malaysia Base code(s): K10 RaticalRacerDVF93