Box art for Stunt Track Driver 2.

Stunt Track Driver 2: Get'n Dirty is a PC game developed by Mattel Media and published by THQ. It features a radical difference from the first Stunt Track Driver in the fact that the levels feature more terrain features than actual track. It is also notable that some of the cars that normally have standard wheels have off-roaders in this game. (E.G., Slideout, Turbo Flame, etc). As usual with Hot Wheels games, it features original castings for all the vehicles featured, making a fan of the game able to seek out their favorite car and own it in their real collection.

Playable Cars

Car Based on: Actual Version

(Or close proximity)

Slideout 1998 First Editions: #2/40
SlideOut Prp
Tall Ryder 1996 Mainlines #481
Rocky Mountain Rescue Tall Ryder - 6412df
Shock Factor 1998 Mainlines: #700
Shock Factor YelBlu
Commando No real world variant
Commando Red
Enforcer 1996 Mainlines: #461
Super Cannon Prpl
Radar Ranger 1998 Techno Bits Series: #4/4
Radar Ranger GrnL
Surf Crate 2000 First Edition Series: #13
Surf Crate Prp
Turbo Flame Mega Graphics Series: #3/4
Turbo Flame Blk
Nissan Hardbody No real world variant
Nissan Hardbody RedRT
Gulch Stepper 1995 Mainlines: #251
Gulch Stepper BlkSB
Sting Rod No real world variant
Stingrod greyorange
Treadator Buggin' Out Series: #1/4
Treadator RedYel
Roll Cage 2000 First Editions: #31/36
Roll Cage Yel

Non-Playable Cars

These vehicles appear in the backgrounds of the levels or as objects to avoid on the track.

Car Based on: Actual Version

(Or close proximity)

Tow Jam 1998 First Editions: #25/40
Power Rocket 1995 Model Series: #11/12
Power Rocket Purpl5SP2
Speed Blaster 1995 Model Series #1/12
Speed Blaster blu5sp
Good Humor Truck 1999 City Center 5-Pack
Hot Wheels 500 1995 Mainline Race Team Series: #2/4
Hot Wheels 500 - 95 Race Team
Twin Mill 1969 Redlines
Twin Mill Anti
Fire Eater 1999 City Center 5-Pack
Fire eater city center 5 pack 1999
Way 2 Fast 1997 First Editions: #7/12
Way 2 Fast - 98 FE
Sol-Aire CX-4 1998 Mainline: #823
Sol-Aire CX4 - 98 Open Vamp
Shadow Jet 1998 Techno Bits Series: #3/4
Shadow Jet Prp
Radio Flyer Wagon 1998 Mainline: #827
Radio Flyer Wagon Red5SP
Speed Blaster 2001 Alien Attack Playset


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